Dying For A Drink
by Tony Leather

Image matters to every woman, even the image of being able to put away the beers and spirits with the best of them, but body image should always matter more. If you have dry skin and are prone to psoriasis it could be a warning sign that you and booze are getting too friendly.

Social drinking is one thing but binge boozing is a horribly dangerous pastime. Safe intake of alcohol is recommended as 21 units per week for women and 28 for men. A unit is the equivalent of a glass of beer and twenty a week may sound a lot but latest findings show that these days it's anything but.

It's a sad fact but the ladies are fast overtaking the men in the in the abuse of alcohol. There's nothing wrong with social drinking in moderation but the fact is that women are just not as physically capable of soaking up the booze as men and it has nothing to do with social standing.

In the last ten years deaths among women from alcohol abuse have trebled as young women strive to compete with young men in their ability to drink themselves senseless. These 'ladettes' are letting themselves in for a heap of health problems later but they ignore the risks in order to be socially acceptable.

Liver disease was once seen as a problem encountered by hardened 'old' boozers but it's more and more common for people in their 20's, 30's and 40' s to fall victims to it. This is especially bad for the girls because their hormones are not designed to process alcohol as efficiently as men, so drinking to excess can lead to a higher risk of breast cancer and brain damage.

Let's look at some of the physical effects on the female body. It has a naturally higher level of fat than the male, which means it takes longer to metabolize any alcohol. Toxic effects of booze also increase the risk of oesphagal and colon cancers as well as gastritis. High levels of alcohol in the blood can result in pregnant women giving birth to kids with congenital abnormalities.

Alcohol is a diuretic and that reduces body fluids. Results can be dry and brittle hair or even hair loss if iron levels fall too low. Heavy drinking can also lead to deficiencies of zinc and vitamin B1 that could result in blindness. Fingernails can be badly affected by lack of iron and liver problems. High levels of oestrogen in the female liver mean that it has to work much harder to deal with alcohol and this leaves it more liable to damage.

Heavy drinking increases the risks of gum infection and mouth/throat cancers as well as alcoholic myositis, which is a painful inflammation of the neck, chest and shoulder muscles. Inflammation of the heart muscle is also common amongst heavy drinkers who often suffer from an irregular heartbeat known as arrhythmia.

Add to this the facts that not only does the risk of breast cancer increases in proportion to the amount you drink but also that brain damage from alcohol if far more likely because of the female anatomy and it becomes easy to see that the female body takes far more of a battering from alcohol than does the male. The danger signs are all too obvious so why this crazy fashion of binge drinking?

Maybe booze can fill the gap in the lives of those who have difficulty forming relationships but surely the fact that your comforter is actively making you less physically attractive needs some serious thought. I enjoy a few drinks as much as the next person and social drinking is great for breaking down barriers but you have to know where to draw the line.

Everyone gets the urge to tie one on now and then and maybe that's no bad thing. It will certainly flush out your system and the medical profession says that a little alcohol is actually healthy in some respects. Booze will never be an acceptable substitute for good company and intelligent conversation and since it dulls your senses too much of it has to have a negative effect on that.

Men mostly like their girls small and shapely or at the very least womanly in their appearance but they probably have no real idea how vulnerable to booze the ladies are. I'd suggest that you girls think long and hard about your drinking habits and the way they might be affecting your looks before you order that next round at the bar.

No woman should ever need to feel that she has to keep up with the boys in the drinking stakes just to give the right impression. That isn't what the guys really want or need from the women that they meet or date.
Relationships should be about being comfortable with each other without any
alcoholic security blanket.

It is ridiculous to suggest that you should go teetotal and you really don't need to do that. If social drinking matters to your self-image have a drink whenever you feel like it but remember the difference between dying for a drink and dying because you had just one too many again.


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