So, You Want To Be A Superstar!
Breaking Into Modeling and Acting

In this issue we take a look at what it takes, what you need and what you should watch out for in going for a career as a cover girl, TV or movie star!

We help you get started by showing you the essential items you need to promote yourself to agents or potential employers. How you get them at no or low cost.

We look at the model release, that document every photographer wants the person facing the camera lens to sign, telling you what you should allow or what you should be asking for in return.

There are lots of talent scouts, web sites and teasers out there. Are these worth anything for the high cost some places will try and charge the aspiring model?

Extra work is often entry level for acting in motion pictures and television, we give you some pointers on how to get into this side of the business that requires little experience and can actually pay you a decent yearly salary, while possibly leading to bigger things.

We look at the actor’s life, live stage and what you can expect to find, plus life on the job as a working actor in films, television or live stage.

Teen model sites are a new craze where 11 to 16 year old girls are making waves, possibly earning some money and possibly getting exploited. We look at the down and up sides of this in our Issues section.

Our Model and Acting Special Issues Continues With...

What you Need | Life On The Set As An Actor | Talent Scouts, Junkets, Model Schools
The Model Release | Extra Work in TV and Movies | Teen Modeling Sites
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