Cedar Point on Lake Erie 2003

Fun and Sun Capital of the Midwest

The evolution of amusement parks over the last few decades has snowballed into an explosion of technology. The simple designs of the old wood structured roller coasters has given way to the computer age; the computer aided drafting design and the use of steel to build the most sophisticated designs. Designs with loops and death defying drops make today's thrill rides a challenge for the best of thrill seekers. The popularity of roller coasters has been the catalyst for the growing thrill affect on today's fun parks. Media attention to a generation of coaster clubs and its members that travel the world to experience the thrills offered on the newest and wildest rides has also helped to further the trend. North central Ohio is no exception to the rule in that Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio has evolved along with the technology as well, and summer in Ohio is not complete without a day or two at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point has much to offer folks from all walks of life as well as family entertainment.

With a heritage dating back to 1870, Cedar Point is the second oldest amusement park in North America. It was named for the groves of cedar trees that once outlined the peninsula and began as a bathing beach on the shores of Lake Erie.

Cedar Point also ranked No. 1 - by a landslide - for the fourth time in the all-important "Best Capacity" class, which measures how effectively and efficiently guests flow through queue lines.

"Cedar Point remains the pinnacle in the amusement industry," says Gary Slade, editor-in-chief and publisher of Amusement Today. "For three of the top 10 steel roller coasters on the planet to be located at the 'Best Amusement Park in the World' is truly remarkable; plus for Millennium Force - in only its second year of existence- to rank as the No.1 steel coaster is simply unheard-of. Not only does Cedar Point continue its stellar reputation with a rare mixture of charm, history, high-tech thrill rides and old-time resort atmosphere, but it is also the standard when it comes to the actual operation of a successful amusement park."

On May 4th, 2003 Cedar Point rolls into action for the 134th consecutive season with a new attraction that is the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster: Top Thrill Dragster. With a 420 foot-tall hill at a 90 degree incline and blazing speeds of 120 miles per hour across the 2,800 feet of track! To see this ride in action, click on this link (after May 9th when the park opens) and view their live web cam (when in operation): Cedar Point Official Web Cam View!.

The park opens daily starting May 9th and remains open until Labor day. The Sandcalste Suites Hotel begins regular daily operatoin on May 23rd. After Labor day the park will be open on special weekends through Hallowe'en.

The famed Cedar Point is located on a scenic Lake Erie peninsula and is home to the largest collection of roller coasters (15) and rides (68) in the world. It's also the second oldest amusement park in North America and has four hotels, one of the largest marinas on the Great Lakes, a beautifully manicured beach and boardwalk, RV campground and cottages and cabins, live shows, Camp Snoopy family play land, children's areas, Soak City water park, award-winning landscaping, miniature golf courses and much more. Situated on 364 acres, Cedar Point is also one of the largest amusement parks in the world, attracting more than 3 million guests each season.

There's always something new at Cedar Point! America's Roller Coast just this season, added its 15th Roller Coaster, WickedTwister, to its already unmatched array of scream machines for the 2002 season. This 215-foot-tall steel thriller is the world's tallest and fastest "double- twisting" impulse coaster and will use the advanced technology of linear induction motors (LIM) to launch riders out of its station at a maximum speed of 72 mph in 2.5 seconds! Passengers are propelled forward, backward, up and down on a U-shaped track with spiraling 450-degree corkscrews atop each vertical tower - whoa!

Wicked Twister will blast out of the station five times - three forward and twice backward - while reaching the apex of each 215-foot-tall tower as it picks up speed through the LIM propulsion system. Talk about a rush!

This is only one of the 15 coasters available to thrill seekers who are looking for the ultimate in roller coasters .


The Cedar Point's internationally acclaimed Millennium Force was rated the "Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World"

Making its debut in 2000, the stratospheric, 310-foot-tall, 93-mph Millennium Force, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in North America, has topped another popular Cedar Point coaster, Magnum XL-200, which occupied the No. 1 slot since Amusement Today began the Golden Ticket Awards in 1998. Built in 1989, the venerable 205-foot-tall, 72-mph Magnum XL-200 came in an impressive No. 3 in the world on this year's steel roller coaster list, while the park's Raptor, a 137-foot-high inverted scream machine, ranked as the No. 8 steel roller coaster, giving Cedar Point an unmatched three of the top 10 steel coasters in the world!

Power Tower is a 300-foot-tall state-of-the-art adrenaline factory that features four 240 foot-tall steel connecting towers. Powered by compressed air, Power Tower riders are blasted 240 feet UP and DOWN on four massive steel towers. With names like "Raptor" a stand up coaster, Mantis, Magnum, Wild Cat, and Blue Streak none other can compare to the thrills of the 15 roller coasters at Cedar Point.


Standing an amazing 137 feet high and flying at an amazing 57 mph, Raptor features six upside-down turns, one vertical loop, three 360-degree barrel rolls and a cobra roll.

Also included in Cedar Point's $13 million capital investment program for 2002 is a dazzling ice show - "Snoopy Rocks! On Ice" - starring the "top dog" himself and also featuring his PEANUTS friends, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Sally. A cast of professional ice skaters will complete the ensemble, displaying entertaining skating elements throughout the 30-minute family-oriented show. "Snoopy Rocks! On Ice" will be presented through Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2.

If you like your rides on the mild side, get ready to let your hair down for plenty of slow-paced action on the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Space Spiral, Paddlewheel Excursions, Sky Ride, three antique carousels, Giant Wheel, Dodgems and the Antique, Cadillac and Turnpike cars.

Cedar Point's oldest operating ride, the Midway Carousel was manufactured by Daniel Muller and features 60 animals Sixty-four horses race four-abreast around the track on the Cedar Downs Racing Derby, one of three carousels at Cedar Point.

A Water Lovers Paradise

Soak City water park is located right next to Cedar Point and offers a full day of water fun with more than a dozen water slides, children's aquatic zones, a wave pool, lazy rivers and a swim-up refreshment lounge in the water. Soak City is one of the largest water parks in the country. Cedar Point amusement park/resort, Soak City is a gigantic 18-acre water park that features action-packed body and inner tube slides, including the mammoth Zoom Flume; two meandering inner tube rivers; fun-filled play areas for kids; an enormous 500,000-gallon wave pool; an adults-only swim-up refreshment center; sunny and shaded lounge areas; picnic shelter; rest room and changing facilities; and more. So if you are looking for the best way to cool off after a long day of riding the biggest collection of rides and roller coasters in the universe, Soak City has something for you!

Soak City features not one, not two, but a mouth-watering collection of more than 14 water slides to choose from. Guests zip down hills and swoop around corners on body and inner tube slides or twist and turn down the 76-foot-tall Zoom Flume in a giant inner tube.

For little ones, Choo-Choo Lagoon and Tadpole Town offer mini slides so everyone can share in the fun Soak City has to offer.

For guests with no fear, there is Breakers Bay, a 500,000-gallon wave pool that is sure to toss and turn those daring enough to challenge its powerful surf. But leave the boards at home, only inner tubes and body surfers allowed. Kids eyes fill with amazement and awe when they see all that Soak City offers just for them. Choo-Choo Lagoon and Tadpole Town are packed with small slides, geysers, squirt guns, wading pools and more. Toddler River is a pint-sized version of the adult Main Stream inner tube river.


What better way to spend a hot summer day cooling off with the best fun to be had and the best feature of all is that it is all located on the sandy shores of Lake Erie. The choices are to be endless. Cedar Point and Sandusky, Ohio are the ideal place to spend a summer vacation. Cedar Point's web site www.cedarpoint.com is the best place to start your search.

Planning a summer vacation to Cedar Point just got easier! Guests going to Cedar Point this season can now organize and customize their trip online with the addition of the new Interactive Trip Planner feature on the popular amusement park/resort's Web site, www.cedarpoint.com. The Interactive Trip Planner is an easy and free service available on the park's Web site and is the amusement industry's most comprehensive guest service on the Internet. After clicking on the Interactive Trip Planner link, guests answer questions about themselves and their vacation plans. From that information, the trip planner creates a personalized Fun Guide that can be printed out and taken to the park.

The Fun Guide features a wide variety of valuable information, including:

Ticket Suggestions - shows the best available ticket options for each guest's needs;

Park Hours and Special Events - allows guests to know what time Cedar Point opens and closes and any noteworthy events happening at the park on the day of their visit;

Getting to the Point - provides easy-to-follow directions to Cedar Point;

FUN Guides by Section - divides the amusement park into smaller sections and informs the guest, based on the information they provided, what rides and attractions each member of their group or family can ride and compiles a list of live entertainment shows and restaurant locations; and

Trip Tips - answers many of Cedar Point's frequently asked questions.

"The Interactive Trip Planner is perfect for guests who want to get the most out of their Cedar Point experience," quipped Lee Alexakos, corporate director of marketing services at Cedar Point. "We believe everyone will really enjoy and benefit from this new, free service." For more information, please call the Cedar Point information line at 419.627.2350 or log on to cedarpoint.com and click on the Interactive Trip Planner link.

So tune up your screams, pack your bags, and head out to the best fun park in the world. Memories are waiting to be made at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio.

Christine K. Rex

Member Sigma Kappa Delta, Graduate of Owens Community College, Student Editor "Pathways" at Owens CC, published poet and short story writer. Research Assistant for Professor Dennis Cole, a writer of college textbooks. Contributor and editorial assistant here at Issues Magazine.


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