Outer Space Special

Associate Editor Christine K. Rex moved near the Cape and started wetting our whistles on this topic, so we went with it. Space, the final frontier...

Galileo was the first person to see craters on the moon and the rings of planet Saturn. Jules Verne was the first to write about space travel in the 1800s, then Georges Melies made a film of his writings with “A Trip To The Moon” in the early 1900’s, with a follow up from Fritz Lang in the 1930’s with “The Woman In The Moon” a film so graphic and accurate that Adolph Hitler banned it because it looked too much like his V2 project! The U.S. grabbed most of Hitler’s rocket experts in the 1940’s, including Werner Von Braun, but the Russians made it into space first with Sputnik and then a man named Yuri Gagarrin. President John F. Kennedy’s man-in-space program followed quickly, with Alan Shepard as the first American in space and later in the Nixon era a man named Armstrong set foot on the moon!

The U.S. and Russia are still the only two countries who actually put men into space on a regular basis (China did recently send up one of their own manned flights and they plan more), but the European Space Agency (ESA), India and some South American Countries are trying hard to be the next group of people to put “mankind into space!”

Movie mogul George Pal gave us “Destination Moon” based on stories by fiction great Robert Heinline, Pal also gave us another look at the Wells story “War of the Worlds” later in the 1950’s. TV Mogul Mr. Ziv put us there with “Man Into Space” in the 1960’s. Then Gene Roddenberry took us to the edge of our galaxy with “Star Trek.” Stanley Kubrick broke the technology barriers with “2001 A Space Odyssey” with the help of effects wizard Douglas Trumbull who gave us “Silent Running” and the awesome effects from Stephen Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of a Third Kind.”

Carl Sagan won an Emmy for his “Blues for a Red Planet” from his PBS “Cosmos” series and President George Bush wants to put Americans on that Red Planet called Mars, which H.G. Wells created a war with in print and Orson Welles created hysteria with a radio broadcast of the same saga. Author Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote about it in the 1930’s and later on Ray Bradbury continued the print saga with what became “The Martian Chronicles.”

Even musician David Bowie got into it with his hit recording of “Space Oddity."

Some of mankind has a great desire to “reach for the stars” and we’re going to take a look at it in print, film, video, DVD, TV and reality...!

Our Outer Space Special Continues With The Following From 2005...

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