Iraqi War and Increased World Terrorism
As they crawl out from under their rocks...

Recently the President of France stated that the world is less safe and seeing more terrorism as a result of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

This is, of course, obviously true. The “insurgents” and so-called “Islamic Militants” have escalated their efforts on a world-wide basis, even targeting nations such as France that have opposed the war efforts and stayed out of the situation.

A lot of the animosity involved in these terrorist actions stems from support for Israel, a Jewish state located in the Middle East approximately from where their ancestors originated, long, long ago, occupying a parcel of largely unused desert land they bought up from the Arabs starting in the late 1800s. To keep anyone whose heritage stems from the Middle East, be they Jews, Islamic, Palestinians, Kurdish, Sunni or Shiite is politically incorrect in anyone’s book. “Go away, you’re not supposed to be here,” sounds like some statement used against black people in restaurants and bathrooms before the 1970’s.

Now, on the flip side of the coin we once had a little tyrant and militant who wanted to recapture lands he felt belongs to his people and the world appeased him. His name was Adolph Hitler and he eventually occupied France.

Now, historically France played a key role in the early Crusades to rid the Middle East of the Islamic menace that was a threat to Christianity. The Islamic Militants haven’t forgotten that and while maybe they also realize France isn’t active in the current “liberation” of the Middle East, they have stuck their noses there before and the Middle Eastern militants tend to bear grudges for a long-long time (be they Jewish or Islamic)!

The U.S. invasions of the Middle East may have opened a new wound and poured a lot of salt on that wound, but for the Middle Eastern region there is no healing until all traces of foreigners, including the Jewish people of Israel, are gone.

The Islamic militants have also openly stated they want world Islamic domination. That means at some future date in history an Islamic Cleric will be running France, not some freely elected President. You’ll have an Ayatollah in charge in every nation of the world. Beheadings will be a way of life, world-wide.

While I don’t want to sound pro war, I’m not all that thrilled with our war efforts or reasoning at this point in time. Nor do I want to sound anti-Islamic, because I think a majority of those in Islam are not into violence or persecution, it is only the zealots, the militants, the extremists. Yet, these extremists are the people they tend to run things once they take over, even if they have to kill off a few moderate Ayatollahs to do it! Yeah, they like killing their own, as well as foreigners, if it serves a purpose. When push comes to shove you have to call a “Banana Republic a Banana Republic” no matter what land it is located within.

Our efforts have brought this problem to the notice of the world and brought it prematurely. Imagine in the future when militants have A-bombs and missiles to deliver them. French or Russian made fighters jets to launch such missiles from the coastline of a country. Stealth technology to do it without radar picking it up!

Slowly but surely Islamic militants are freely emigrating to Northern and Asian nations, setting up bases of operation. Why? I mean the closer you are to Mecca the closer you are to Allah, isn’t that so? Why leave your “holy” land and establish bases elsewhere if not for world domination, much like the Christian missionaries do!

Osama bin Laden had originally looked at plans to do terrorism world-wide but settled for just in the United States at New York and Washington. Imagine at some date 100 years from now that a real coordinated plan goes off in a dozen or more countries. Imagine if the terrorists have the technology to wage a very good counter offensive.

The world is now aware of just with these terrorists are capable of doing in any nation. Don’t, for one moment, think they’ll stop at Poland or Bavaria or Austria because they promised that’s all they wanted! The last time that happened we had a horrible world war and if the next one includes nukes the world will be in trouble.

Iraq may be a convenient cover. Maybe we did know Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, but maybe there are other similar nations that do (such as Iran, who is working on a Uranium project). Maybe taking action in a “trial run” in Iraq will make them think twice. Maybe it will give us a better foothold for the future.

The sad thing is seeing countries like France, Italy and the Philippines running scared. Maybe they all forgot the lessons of World War Two. You stop the bullies, the militants and the fanatics in their track, directly or indirectly by showing them what is possible.

Maybe President Bush was a fool in this instance and maybe not. Only time will tell. The important thing is that he has forced them to show their hand. We now know what rocks they are hiding under, because they are coming out like fools and taking little pot shots like Ghetto Gangstas protecting their crack cocaine turf or the mobsters of the 20’s cutting into each others bootlegging operations.

There’s room in the world for all peoples and all religions. There is no room in the world for bigotry, grudges and power plays from zealot militants.

So, all you terrorist cells, keep lifting up you rocks. We may not find you immediately, but you’ll be scrambling to find a new rock to hide under and it won’t be as comfy as that old rock!


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