Stuffed Bell Peppers

You need about four solid, fresh green bell peppers.

A pound or more of ground beef.

An onion.

About 32 ounces of tomato sauce (16 ounces of tomato paste or puree will also work).

Some rice (regular or minute).

Half a pound of cheese (almost any kind, Velveeta, American, Cheddar, Jack, depends on what you like).


With a small knife, remove the top stem from the peppers and then wash out and gentle remove the inner seeds, throwing those away.

Line a baking pan with aluminum foil and place the four (or more) peppers into the pan.

Cook up your ground beef with the (optional) onion, which has been diced. Drain the beef and rinse with water to remove the excess fat (leech it), strain into a fine colander.

Add your tomato sauce to a clean bowl, dump in the ground beef, add some more onion if you like, season to taste with salt and pepper and add some rice. How much rice to add depends on how much “filler” you want. Remember this rice will absorb much of the sauce! Generally about half a cup to a cup of rice is sufficient. Add a little water to the mixture to help keep a sauce base in the peppers. Maybe half a cup of extra water.

You want to have about 32 to 40 ounces of liquid into this mix. Spoon this meat sauce into the peppers one serving spoon at a time to each paper in a rotation basis. Try as get as much meat and rice into the peppers first. Fill them almost to the top. If you have liquid left, hold on to it for later in the program.

Cover the pan (with a lid or aluminum foil) and bake at 400 – 425 for about forty-five minutes or so. Take out the pan and add in any of the extra liquid you have in your pot or bowl to each of the peppers.

Grate or fine slice your cheese and put these over the top of the peppers so it covers the mean and sauce. Put into the oven uncovered and continue cooking for another 15 to 30 minutes.

They are basically ready when the peppers are soft and fully cooked. Feeds two to three people.


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