Do Not Go To Space

Our government has spent too much money and time on the space program. Why worry about other intelligent life when we canít even spend some money helping to feed our children. The future of the United States is starving and living on the streets because there is not enough money for the services they need.

We need to concentrate on the home front and not on outer space. The money could best be used to feed our children. The United States is the one of the most powerful countries on this planet and yet we cannot feed our babies? We send shuttles to space and pay on the space station and yet our children our starving? What is wrong with this picture?

We are at war now. We need to spend that space money on our people in the war. They need proper supplies and essential equipment. We really need to get our people home, but that is another rant. Now we need to send better supplies to help them take care of themselves.

Instead of building spaceships we could use the money to build housing for the homeless and give some money to services that could get these people the training and the help they need to get back on their feet. You canít tell me that all our homeless are mentally ill, junkies, or just too lazy.

The government has to stop wasting our hard earned tax dollars on foolishness and help our people. I am sick and tired of working my butt off for space travel when the shelters are full of people who need better help. It is not right!

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