The Season Of Love

While Valentine’s Day – the day of love – is approaching we hasten to note that any day can be a special day, so why wait? But even if you do wait, do it right!

What is right? Listen to your significant other. For example, one guy we know who likes a girl a lot sits and really pays attention and she tells him exactly what’s on her mind!

“I like this,” she said, pointing to a sweater with a zipper. It wasn’t the sweater, but the zipper she was referring to. She likes sweaters with zippers as opposed to pull over sweaters.

As for the rest, just look at what she wears all the time. The colors. Is she a “green” person or a “blue” person or a “red” person?

As for size, describe her to the store clerk. In this case the woman was tall (close to 6 foot) and slim, with small bones. A store clerk can advise you what size might fit.

Another hint comes from a girl to a guy: “Ouuu! Teddy Bear watch! I need a new watch....”

Hey, she’s a girl!

And remember it’s the thought that counts!

Perfume? Unless you know what she wears forget it!

Candy? These days girls are into being more healthy!

If worse comes to worse, get a sheet of paper, draw a heart and just say I love you. Believe it or not, to most girls that means more than anything Hallmark might say on a $5 card! This one was from you, with your own hand. It don’t matter you can’t draw. It don’t matter it’s hokey looking. It came from you.

Listen to the girl in your life. One girl is always having problems with her shoes falling apart. One guy we know noticed a thing called “Shoe Goo” at the store. Just buy it and give it to her on any day and she’ll appreciate it! Do that enough and she won’t care if you don’t remember your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or her birthday (all right, she will remember you forgot those days, but it will take the edge off it a little...).

What’s her favorite food? Bring it.

One girl we knew cooked her guys favorite meal (maybe not as good as mom does, but hey, read on), fed it to him by candle light and looked for a hot tub in which to place rose pedals and serve it up to him in person (we’re not sure if she was intending to wear a bathing suit or not). So, who cares if it don’t taste like mom’s cooking...!

One girl we knew of loves roses. Her significant other get her a 14 karat gold rose from and she adored it!

If you’re guy is an outdoorsman, find out if he has a particular store he likes, if not find out what the best outdoorsman’s place in town is and get him a gift certificate.

Almost any guy would love a Wal-Mart or similar gift card to buy whatever they want (girls, on the other hand, like a gift from the heart that shows a man notices what they like and want – girls are not easily moved, guys will take what you give them with ease)!

There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy sneaking a peak into a girls closet (or draws) if it’s for the purposes of verifying her size to buy her something!

While some things are “small, medium or large” most women’s clothing is based on size. A lot of that size has to do with chest size and overall weight. A “normal” girl with a small chest is generally a size 0 to 4. A “normal” girl with a typical chest is size 5/6. A girl who is more endowed or larger in size would be above this.

If you’re going to buy lingerie you need to know size in inches and cup size for tops, and size in inches or “s-m-l” for bottoms.

Don’t buy these items if you aren’t already intimate, but if you are it’s a gift for the both of you. Keep her in mind and keep you in mind! The two best places here are Victoria Secret’s and Frederick’s of Hollywood. But don’t buy unless you know her exact size and taste! If you get those two things right she might try them on for you and wear them over an intimate dinner!

One woman we know had an engagement ring from her husband designed with “sidekicks” – little add-on extensions. He’d get her one each Valentine’s day.

Many women love jewelry, so first check out our past pieces on buying gold and diamonds before you go shopping!

Don’t forget it’s ok to snoop if you’re snooping for a reason. See what brands he or she has in their bathrooms. Cologne, make-up, razors, soaps, etc.

Women who are into make-up generally can always use good quality wedge sponges. Clear lip gloss is also a safe bet, many woman add that over lipstick or use it alone.

Is your significant other into fitness and health? A gift certificate from GNC (General Nutrition Center) may be a great gift!

Does she go to the health club, tanning salon or spa? How about a gift membership or at least a one month payment!

Remember men are more forgiving than women in these areas. Men often use anything, women don’t!

Men into autos or building? Men with power tools? Hey, three words: Craftsman, Stanley and most important Snap-On. Snap-On tools are probably the best bet and you only get them from a Snap-On tools truck you see on the streets, especially at auto repair places. Craftsman comes from Sears and is second best. Stanley is everywhere, but look for the Made In U.S.A. models! Men with drills always need drill bits! Mikita and Black and Decker when it comes to power tools. Men with power saws always need blades! Avoid any tool Made In China!

What about a get-away weekend?! What does she like? The beach? The snow? Wine country? The big city? The great outdoors? Bed and breakfast in some quite, distant location?

If worse comes to worse how about breakfast in bed? We knew of one girl who got a total kick out of it, because no one had ever done for her before. Even if you have to go out to McDonald’s, buy some take out and put it on plates, with a hand made card and a kiss on the forehead you might just get a genuine smile out of her for the effort and that’s what it’s all about!

Love is about knowing the other person, thinking like them, anticipating their needs, knowing their desires and money nor credit cards can buy that. It’s the thought that counts, so now is the time to start thinking, start noticing and start listening. He or she will probably tell you all you need to know before the middle of February rolls around...!


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