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Who reads Issues? Slightly more women than men read Issues. They are generally between the age of 19 and 45 and have a college education or are about to go to college (our yearly College profile in the spring gets a lot of hits over the summer months). They are into technology, gismos, entertainment, going places, doing things, looking good and trying to be healthy while they are there!

By far our November-December “Holiday Special” is the biggest Issues of the year! People love the festivals and events we cover in both this and the May-June issue and we cover it for the world so we get a lot of readers from Canada, the UK, Australia, Scandinavia, Russia, Asia and even the Middle East, plus some African and South American readers!

A vast majority of our readership, however, does come from North America, so we tend to favor that part of the world, but our correspondent in India did strike gold with her piece on Diwali – the festivals of lights which occurs between October and December in any given year throughout all of India, plus Singapore and a few other nearby nations.

Yes, we have correspondents and reporters outside the U.S.

While our feedback has been limited to correcting a few mistakes we’ve made here and there, the largest amount of feedback we’ve had centers around “natural locs” written by, Kaya Casper, who publishes the print magazine "Naturally You!” Our feedback has also centered around technology issues and the Middle East conflicts – we’ve covered the Middle East in detail since our debut issue in 2001.

We’ve done some how-to pieces that get regular hits, including our multi-part coverage of how computers work and how programming is done.

Our second biggest hitter is the yearly Digital Video and Television issue which comes out in September of each year. In fact our Television section from that issue is the biggest all-time hitter with over 1,500 hits in one day for that coverage generating a total of over 2,500 pages viewed for a single day!

All in all, we’ve had nearly half a million reads since we started back in 2001 and our visitors tend to read at least 3 pages at one time! Last year (2004) our December hits totally nearly 70,000 pages viewed. We increase logarithmically each year.

We also attract some notable writers, including Canadian David Leonhardt, Carolyn Howard-Johnson from the Southern California region and Michael Levy from the South East (who relocated there from the UK). All have print newspaper or magazine work on their resumes and Michael has radio experience, including appearing on the Howard Stern show which is syndicated across the country by Infinity Broadcasting, which owns the CBS television network.

If you want to find out more about those writers in Issues go to our “Inside Issues” page.

If you want to find out more about the contents of back issues, go to our “Back Page” and you’ll get a view of what we’ve covered in the past.

This issue is all about the quest for Outer Space, which is no longer just a race between the United States and Russia. South America, India, France and China are all very active in putting up satellites and even people! You won’t find this in any other journal until something “major” happens – we don’t need a major event to cover it! We cover it, because it seems like a good thing to do. Issues flies by the seat of its pants. Our editorial staff comes up with ideas. Sometimes they flop. Sometimes they fly. That never stops us giving it a try!

Our staff at Issues, which includes Loretta Stradley, who serves as Managing Editor, handling the odds and ends of all departments, clean-up and face-lift of all the main pages, plus doing the yearly clear-out of our mail site which gets hundreds of thousands of spams, plus hundreds or real pieces of mail. She runs the "artistic arena" section of Issues and reads all the new submissions that come in for fiction and poetry. Lore has been published in print newspapers and now also manages a major Indiana area Writer's Resource web site. She also found time to write one of our biggest hitting pages dealing with Sex Addiction, plus she regularly edits Art, Fiction, Poetry and the Issues section. Point of triva: Loretta's daughter and son-in-law have their hands on the world for our "Placing the world at your finger tipes" photo on the main page of each issue!

Associate Editor Christine K. Rex brainstorms pieces for Issues, including the theme of our current January-February 2005 issue on Outer Space, having relocated from Ohio (where she got her College Degree in Writing) to Florida, where she lives near "The Cape." Christine, who's now semi-retired (she's stopped everything except writing and editing) has run her own business and travelled the entire United States with her husband who was a commercial truck driver.

The look of our magazine is the combined effort of Art Director Krista Barrett, a native Canadian who also edits, manages and owns several other sites dealing with Writers and Writing, plus does E-book publishing. She is now the proud "mommy" of a new baby (writer? -- who knows) and lives above the state of Washington in lower South West Canada with her computer professional husband.

The actual look and feel of our site, however, comes from Kaya Casper, a professional website developer, writer and publisher (and holder of two, count 'em, two college degrees) who makes her home in Pennsylvania and now publishes the print magazine "Naturally You!" Kaya and Krista developed the "Issues" site into what it is today in terms of "look and feel." Kaya was doing some very innovative work in Java and PHP back in 2001 when most websites were still plain HTML.

Rounding out the clan is Earl R. Dingman who's been published in a variety of print magazines since 1965 (Sky and Telescope, Mix, Music Connection, Technical Photography, Moving Images, Income Opportunities and Complete Woman are among those on his resume). Earl writes about Technology and Entertainment, plus makes some contributions to the Issues and Politics areas...

We try to cover the literary field from top to bottom, giving space to Poetry that almost never gets read, but if a few people find it over several years it’s a job well done. Our staff may be located mostly in the U.S. but we try and cover the world as best as we can, so that readers outside of North America can grasp onto something of value that isn’t totally “American” in nature.

Our goal in founding Issues was to be drastically different than any web or print offering! We wanted to offering "Something for Everyone... Something for You!" The ever increasing hits from you, the reader, proves to us that this concept is well worth the effort!

Have a great new year!

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