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While there are many free web-based 'send an e-mail greeting card' sites and almost every department or discount store has a Hallmark display rack filled with lovely cards, we thought that since Valentineís day is so personal and romantic, that you might want to consider making a custom Valentine card for that special someone instead of just buying a card written by a total stranger...!

At $30 Greeting Card Factory gives you over 8,000 types of cards, 40,000 graphics and the ability to make customized photo greeting cards Ė all in just 3 steps! Itís so simple anyone can do it!

First you select your card style from categories and occasions.

Next you add your personalized message or names to the card template.

Then you print the card out on your home printer.

Itís a no-brainer that even a techo-geek can use without having to join a forum to get on-line help and support!

For $40 you can by the Deluxe version which has more than twice as many cards, projects and graphics. Plus you get a photo editor, along with the ability to do text effects with a large variety of fonts at your disposal.

With the Deluxe version you can also make CD greeting cards, humorous cards, far more photo cards with templates and templates to make calendars.

Most holidays and occasions are supported, as are religious oriented cards.

You can buy this at many brick and mortar stores or on-line...

-- Also contributing to this piece was Christine K. Rex


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