Making money, of course, is the cornerstone and most people will be doing that by working for someone else.

We look at the job market through the eyes of people who recently waded into that pool of water and found out that the cliche 'still water runs deep' is a very true! One of the keys to getting a job is filling out an application form or writing a resume and we show you exactly what you will find in virtually every situation!

Finding a job on-line? Our "real people" who tried it found out it was more like joining a Spam list!

Work at home schemes? Can you really stay home, work in your p.j.'s and watch the dough roll in...? From the past our Loretta Stradely uncovers the truth behind some of these gems!

A good education can sometimes help you get a better job (or at least any job) and from the past our staff has looked at SAT tests, getting started at college, some colleges in California, Texas, Indiana, New York and finally trade schools.

A lot of people think starting a business of their own would be a far better alternative, we show you what some others have done, plus our Christine Rex tells you about the nightmare you will face as you watch your Entrepreneurial Dreams sour...

What about a franchise? Buying in to a national or international brand name, established company with advertising and assistance. While it doesn't warranty success it can be a much better way to get started in business, we talked with some who succeeded quite well...

Limiting your liability in a business, especially one made with several people, is a smart thing to do and we clue you in on "Small Corporations" but watch you for some states where these are being priced out of reach for some people. We also warn you about soliciting financing illegally and getting too big...

A lot of people do really well on auction sites like "E-Bay" or at real live swap meets where you pay a small fee and then park a table load of stuff. Some people even do it out of their garage! Humorist and "Happy Guy" David Leonhardt talks about the "Flea Market" scene, an unusual place to find a book author selling his wares...

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