The Resume

These days even janitors are submitting a resume to prospective employers, so here we present a quick overview of the resume writing process.

At the very top goes your name and contact information. You might also want to consider including your tax payer ID number so the employer can run a check on you in advance, as this piece of information will eventually be requested (and by the way, they require two forms of ID in the United States one must have a picture).

Next generally comes your school history. You should start with the high school you attended or graduate from and indicated if you did graduate. Then you should list all college work. Finally comes trade schools.

If you were in the military this can be useful to add next, indicating the training you received, your discharge status and any war era period. Many employers are given incentives by the government to hire war veterans, especially from the Vietnam era.

After this comes you work history, starting with your current or last job. Include the full company name, address, name of your supervisor and a telephone number. Enter your salary stating if it was hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly. Your job title and a description of what you did, including any special equipment, computer software or other specialty skills. Many employers always seek to know how strong your customer service experience is, so if you dealt with the public or clients this can be vital information. List how long you worked for that employer.

Continue listing work experience job by job.

After you list all your employment information list several personal references who are not relatives. Friends, business associates, co-workers or even supervisors, along with their phone numbers. Employers generally want to see at least 3 references.

Finally you might want to list any hobbies or avocations. This can be an important factor in getting a job, for example one person we talked to who was applying to a retail store mentioned photography, another person we talked to applying for a similar position mentioned electronics, both were placed in hobby related departments by the personnel manager.

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