The Protective Ritual

Before you do any rituals and especially any spells, you should always, and I mean always, do a protection ritual for your self. This protects you from any unwanted negative energy that might be attracted to your work.

Light a candle to the lady on your altar or workspace. Taking a lavender incense stick light it and when it gets going strong pass it around you so the smoke makes a circle clockwise. While you are doing this visualize a purple light that surrounds you and encloses you in its essence.

Chant these words as you pass the incense stick around you clockwise at least three times visualizing the purple light the whole time you are chanting.


"I am protected by your might,
O gracious Goddess, day and night."

You don't have to make a big thing out of this for as long as you visualize the light surrounding you and you say the words you will now be protected from any psychic harm. After you are done with your protection ritual you say

"This is my will, so mote it be!"

Now you can pray or spell work. No negative energy can harm you. In the future I will have more spells to protect your whole house and your workspace.

Blessed Be