Poetry Bits

What's In A Name?

The Stock Exchange,
Straddled with Bulls, Bears and Stags,
A faux farmhouse,
Mask the... pen and ink!
Time and money to invest-
What's the option?
Perhaps a change of name..........
The Rascal House?
Call; for a pastrami-on-rye
Put; on plenty of ketchup and mustard
Order executed and full-filled.
The Final Movie

In the end
all the good guys
all the bad guys
The only object left
on the surface of planet earth
is an old billboard
with letters missing
that reads;
Watch — Space
For All Future Attractions
And Sequels
Silence is Go---n?
The Seminar

The financial adviser
was a man in his late seventies
He spluttered, botched and muddled
his way through a one hour seminar
The senile audience applauded
his presentation
They said they would definitely
let him invest their money
Which goes to prove
Stupidity sells.

They asked me;
do you make a living
via your composing-
by your poetry?
I answered;
Composing is life-
Poetry is living!
Just thoughts

The cowboy builder
Now retired
Could not get an erection!
The doctor said
He died of natural causes
Age thirty-five?
What a performance
Sex beneath the Big Top
Carnival knowledge

Michael levy was born in Manchester, England on the 6th March 1945.
After many life experiences and a successful business career he retired to Florida in 1992.
In 1998 Michael established Point of Life, Inc., as a vehicle to project his philosophy and spiritual understanding. The website www.pointoflife.com and the associated newsletter (Point Of Life Global Newsletter) are visited and read by thousands of people around the world every month. Michael is a frequent speaker on radio, television and at seminars where he shares and discusses his views about the purpose of life, finding peace and enjoyment and leading a healthy, stress-free life.

In just a few years he has become a world renowned poet. In 2002 Michael was invited to become a member of the prestigious Templeton Speaker's Bureau.

Michael has recently established the Point of Life Foundation, a National Heritage Foundation dedicated to bridging the gap between science and religion and to bringing a clear, unbiased message to the general public to help them lead a meaningful, sharing and enjoyable existence. Starting in 2003 the Point of Life Foundation will present seminars and conferences bringing together opinion leaders from the fields of science, religion, medicine, philosophy and nutrition to help find common guidelines for leading a purposeful life.

Michael Levy is the author four books "What is the Point? ISBN 0966806905", "Minds of Blue Souls of Gold"ISBN 0966806913 , "Enjoy Yourself - It's Later Than You Think"ISBN "0966806921 and "Invest with a Genius"ISBN "0966806948. His poetry and essays now grace many web sites, Journals and Magazines throughout the world. His philosophies have become a major source of Truth, Wisdom and Love for many people


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