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The Cat in the Hat

If you donít mind watching Mike Myers doing his character sketches in a large cat costume then this is the movie for you. I am a fan of Mr. Meyers but this movie did nothing for me. For one thing, they didnít stick with the original story, which, as I recall was all in rhyme and not very long. They had to flesh it out a bit with real people and that is where Kelly Preston as the mom and Alec Baldwin as Quinn, the man who is trying to gain her favor.

The cat comes to the house because the kids, Sally (Dakota Fanning) and Conrad (Spencer Breslin) are bored on a rainy day with nothing to do just like in the story but that is about the only thing that is familiar. Well, there are Thing One and Thing Two and the house is wrecked, but the weird goo that swarms all over the house turning it into something that Picasso might have painted was added to the movie for some strange reason.

But the children are taught how to have fun and the house is brought back into order just at the right moment as in the original story and each child learns a lesson.

I was expecting new material from Mr. Myers, not his usual shtick, with shades of Dr. Evil coming through that outfit of cat fur. According to this reviewer this movie is not worth the price of a tub of popcorn but if you donít mind watching him doing his usual bits as a giant feline then go see it. It is worth a laugh or two at least!

-- Lance Vermont

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

This movie is the last battle between the armies of darkness and the armies of the good.

This movie is also the best of the three. There are more scenes of fighting, more emotional interplay between the main characters, and the special effects are absolutely amazing.

Gandalf (Ian McKellen) sneakily gets Gondor's army to signal, by lighting the bonfires, the Rohan people whose king (Bernard Hill) refuses to fight unless his aid is called for by the city. This ignites the people of Rohan to action.

But the dark forces are many and hope seems lost until Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) convinces the dead warriors to help him conquer the dark armies of Sauron.

This movie is so full of epic scenery and so full of imagery of the battles, fortresses, and the fantastic creatures and characters I sat with my mouth open not saying a word most of the time. The audience was enthralled by the action and cheered the good guys on. At the end there was an almost standing ovation.

Frodo (Elijah Wood) makes it to the fire of Mordor but the ring has taken him over. Gollum attacks him and is thrown in the lava with the ring to be destroyed. This movie explains the Gollum at the beginning and the make up and special effects artist are to be commended. A fantastic job!

This is worth two tubs of popcorn and some juju beans. And bring Kleenex because the actors put such emotion into their characters that you feel their pain and their joy. Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee) gave a performance I could not believe on the mountain of Mordor. His parents have to be proud

Go see the final battles of Middle Earth. You won't be disappointed!

-- Lance Vermont

New On DVD

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Take one vampire, invisible man, a man with a split personality, and a man whose reputatation might just get him killed. Put them all in a save-your-country full action film and you have a moive that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sean Connery is great in this one but then what movie isn't he good in.

A group of characters from prize winning novels are all brought together to save the world from war and destruction. With it's great cast of characters and fantastic action scenes this is one movie to add to your collection.

The DVD comes with one disk that has two commentaries, one anti drug message, and some deleted scenes.

They leave the ending at Africa at the burial of the great white hunter and with a hint that there might be a sequel. Time will tell!


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