Robert Mathies-Irvington Legend

In a quaint coffee house that makes an excellent coffee mocha, sits a man playing jazz on a synthesizer. He rarely glances so intent on his playing.

The coffee shop, Lazy Daze, seems to be a popular stop and sit place. Customers are lined up to the door and espresso machine churning away. Robert continued to play and some of those waiting in line were moving ever so slightly to the beat. A few dropped a tip into his tip can on the way out. On a break from playing a few minutes later I got a chance to talk to him.

With a sparkle in his eyes that tells of a life lived, Robert Mathies has been playing music all of his life. Though he isn’t famous nor does he have any gold records, according to him he wouldn’t change his career for anything in the world. He tells me that the freedom to do what he wants when he wants where he wants is the best thing and he has been having the time of his life.

Robert Mathies doesn’t write any of his own songs but he can play any song out there. He has been playing well over 40 years and even has a trio comprising of a bass and drums along with his piano synthesizer. They play for banquets and wedding or any event that can be imagined.

He knows the classics and is a very capable musician. I can hear why the coffee shop lets him come there to play. With the espresso machine as an accompaniment to the tunes that spring forth from his fingers, the wonderful jazz music adds a nice atmosphere and a little extra to the patrons’ day.

Mr. Mathies has been around for a while and Irvington is lucky to have him to add to the charming neighborhood with its specialty stores in its historic business district. He is an Irvington legend and well known in this part of the city of Indianapolis

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