On-Line Employment Posts and Job Finding Spammers

It would seem like most, if not all, of these services are all about making money.

Oh, true, there are a lot of sites where it costs nothing to post or view a resume, but these sites are all about dragging in “hits” for banner advertisement. If you can generate hundreds of thousands of hits a day you can charge one or two cents for each banner placed on your site. That translates into $1,000 a day minimum in banner advertising or $365,000 a year.

Not a bad income for a $500 a year in space and name registration.

Most of the hits people get off these sites are not employers, but other companies looking to make a buck, here’s a few quotes our test subjects got:

“We liked your resume. Are you still in the market?”

How’s that for a ‘come-on?’ Once you click on the letter here is what you find:

“We’re looking for premier candidates that qualify for top positions from $75,000 to $1million+. Let me introduce ourselves. (Name of company) is an exclusive service dealing in top positions in all areas of the country. Our clients include many leading recruiters, growth companies and fortune 1000 corporations. We thought you might be a good match for openings we list... and which you can review at our website.”

Further investigationis reveals three paid packages:

1. We email your résumé to 9,562 leading employers and professional recruiters registered to receive résumés for all disciplines.

Plus, we email your résumé to 1000s of employers and recruiters in up to 5 disciplines!


2. We manually post your résumé to 25 major job sites, where thousands of employers and recruiters search for candidates!

PLUS, we post your résumé to niche job sites in your industry!


3. We find 10 current job openings that match your criteria, such as education level, years of experience, special skills, desired location, and more! You must be searching for work in the U.S. to use this service.


These are not licensed employment agents or headhunters. These are portals and posting services. For $59 they’ll spam 9,000 employers for you or manually post 25 listings (on other free services?) or they will search for 10 jobs in your area, but it doesn’t say how long this search will take.

Each of these things are only $59, which is not an outragious price, but to an unemployed person that is the cost of a phone bill or other utlitiy bill for one month. The is two weeks worth of gas for local driving. That is several days of food money.

It’s a real shame that greedy capitalist vultures have to get involved in the explotation of those out of work or looking for a better job.

If a person wanted to pay money to get a job they are better off and safe with a state licensed employment agency that charges a fixed 10% rate to either the employer or the employee. These people get no front money so they have a burning desire to place you in a job, which qualifies them for their fee the moment you accept the position. (One headhunter got a friend of mine a high tech job with a $50,000 salary increase, located in the same city as he current high tech job!)

These “job finding spammers” turn someone who is unemployed and looking for work or a better position into their employer! That’s right, you suddenly became their boss and they want to be paid up front before the work is done!

Last issue we looked at "talent scout web sites" which try to get a want-to-be model or actor to pay $800 for a place to see their resume. These services for those seeking jobs are no different, they just cost a little less!

The question burning on everyone’s mind is why can’t I get paid to spam employers with your resume? I could live quite nicely at home full time on $60 a day! Me and my bulk e-mail tool! Working in my PJs.

Anyone want to pay me to send their resume out...?


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