Reducing Coronary Disease and Bad Cholesterol

Things to eat:

Oat meal and oat products.

Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Macadamia Nuts (dry roasted and unsalted)

Natural peanut butter (not homogenized). Dry roasted peanuts are also somewhat beneficial.


Dark (semi-sweet) cocoa based chocolate (done in moderation).

Red wine (done in moderation).

Fish (poached or broiled).

Vitamin supplements with extra E, Niacin and other B vitamins.

Things not to eat or to limit:

Red meat.

Fried foods.

Chicken with skin, fried chicken, dark meat chicken.

Homogenized peanut butter.

Whole milk (skim or low fat should be substituted).

Stick margarine (butter is actually a better choice, but only in moderation), lard and shortening.

Packaged cakes and pastries.

Ice cream.

Egg yolks (limit yourself to a maximum of 4 a week).

Flour or corn totillas.


Things you should do:

At least one hour of aerobically oriented exercise each day. A standard PE school workout is just fine!

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