Fad Diets and Weight Loss Success
Atkins, South Beach, etc.

A recent published study shows that all of the fad diets actually work and produce results, but only if you stay on them religiously, plus the results are far from what is published!

People who stayed on the Atkins, South Beach and other fad diets did, indeed, lose weight. Generally they lost between 20 and 40 pounds in less than a year, which is not only par for the course but healthy.

For some strange reason people want instant gratification and many published articles in magazines or ads seem to promise “30 pounds in 30 days!” This amount of weight loss is generally considered unhealthy. No only should really expect to lose more than a few pounds a week.

Those people who became overweight generally became this way over the course of many years and from a bad diet. Some became obese as children, because they had cakes, pie, mashed potatoes, beans, bread, gravy, ice cream, soda and candy in vast quantities around their home environment. Some people became obese by middle age because they ate like teenagers since they were teenagers. That is the big problem!

No child should really be given a daily diet above 2,600 calories and no adult should consume more than 2,200 a day unless they are doing heavy construction work full-time!

As a result of the old “food pyramid” -- which many now feel was to blame for all of this by putting you on breads, rice, pasta, potatoes and meats several times each day -- there is a rash of overweight people in the world. These people are turning to fad diets rather than simply learning to eat less, which is what a sensible diet is all about. Never the less, these fad diets do seem to be working and the hype is helping some people take it off, but many are still not keeping it off.

Some medical experts worry about the side effects and hazards of some of these diets, especially the no-carb or ultra low-carb ones such as Atkins and South Beach. Both these diets are based on replacing carbohydrates, starches and most vegetables with meats. Atkins encourages you to eat pepperoni and hamburger (with no bun, cheese or fries) to your hearts content, which if done for way to long a time span could generate some bad cholesterol or even give some individual the gout. But in the short term there is no serious problem for a person in modestly good health.

You are not supposed to take the no carb approach of these diets for more than a few months and you can’t really cheat on these diets! The heart and soul of both approaches is ketosis, which is starving they body for sugar until it produced artificial sugar which keeps you going, while you eat proteins to replace cells and fill your stomach. Also the chemical produced in your brain from meat help relax your body like a sedative. So you don’t feel like you’re being starved or deprived of much in the course of these diets.

Ultimately you have start eating some carbs down the road, but the concept is to teach you to eat less and “better” from the carbohydrate groups which produces sugar in the body, the major cause of the making of fat if you eat too much and get overweight.

Ultimately, it seems, any diet will get you there, but sticking to the diet and not cheating is still the hard part of the regime!

When all is said and done the best experts in the world all agree that eating less is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. It is a matter of re-training you brain and body to learn to live with less on a full time basis.

Most experts also agree that the reduction of sugar (candy, soda, cakes, etc.) and sugar producing foods (such as potatoes, rice, carrots, breads, cereals, etc.) in your overall diet will speed weight loss, keep your weight down and allow you to eat more of the foods (such as fish and some green vegetables) that fill you up, feed your body and mind, but won’t make you tip the scale so long as you also eat them in moderation.

Moderation is the keyword for everyone. Eat far less of sugar foods. Lower your overall intake to 2,000 or so calories a day.

As to what you eat or in what portions, unless you are on a fad diet that is really up to you. A couch potato or armchair sports fan can consume a turkey sub plus some beer each day and lose weight so long as they cut out the chips, dips and sweets. How much food they can eat will be determined by how much beer they want to drink, which should not exceed a few cans per day in any event. If they can live on a Mr. Sub turkey and four beers they will lose gobs of weight in a matter of months.

If you have to eat out at a fast food place simply cut down your dinner at home. Maybe get have your lunch brown bagged to go and eat the rest for dinner. Cut out the fries, super size and sugar soda. Get your chicken skinless, all white and avoid the kind that is fried.

If you go on one of these fad diets such as Atkins or South Beach don’t cheat. If you cheat then just avoid those diets altogether because it will do your system more harm than good to eat a piece of cake after a week because it’s there. You simply shoot your system back to the starting line, so you wasted a whole week of time.

There is no gain in dieting when you cheat! If you’re going to cheat, then simply put yourself on a reduced intake diet and don’t worry about what you eat, what the books say. Just make sure you stay under 1,900 calories per day, even if those 2,000 calories just come from a banana split. You won’t lose weight quickly this way, but you’ll eat what you like, never have to cheat and in a few years you will drop some pounds!

Eating less, eating differently and eating sensibly is the one and only secret to a diet, and it seems like just about every diet works. The best diet for you is the one that you can easily do without cheating!

Once again, as we said last year, if you’re going to diet, especially on a low carb plan, watch the amount of exercise you do! These two will no go hand in hand. If you do Atkins or South Beach you can certain work out an hour a day, but any more of a work out than that will generate major fatigue and really increase your desire for sweets to help produce vitality!

Working out may be the best approach because it invigorates the whole body system. To do this you really need to avoid the Atkins, South Beach and other low carb diets! Instead simply reduce your intake to 1,800 calories or less and keep a balanced diet with meats, veggies and minimal sweet treats only now and then.

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