Receptive to Bliss: Recreating Your Physical Body, The Second Key to Lovemaking Magic

If you really want to feel bliss in your life, learn to integrate balance into all aspects of it. After all it is YOUR life! As you do that you can incorporate these same balances into your sexual life. This fall and winter I will give you an introduction to the Five Keys to Sexual Bliss. We will use the five-pointed star of balance as our map.

The Five Keys to Lovemaking Magic and Sexual Bliss:

1. Creating an Environment that is a haven.
2. Creating a Physical Body that is healthy and receptive.
3. Creating an uncluttered Mind.
4. Creating Emotional balance.
5. Creating a Spiritual connection to the Creator

As we know, our bodies reflect our thoughts, spirits, emotions and physical environment. Actually, all of these aspects reflect off of one another, so balancing the energy we place into these areas of our lives will certainly give us a better chance at bliss. But how many of us are still running on empty even though we know better? What did you have for breakfast this morning? Did you get enough sleep last night? Were you in such a hurry that you grabbed a cola and cookies for lunch at 3:00 p.m.? Most of us know how to take care of ourselves. The problem lies in "how much do you really care about yourself" and how much effort will you go to for YOU? As women and traditional nurturers we make sure our families are taken care of but we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the list. Yes, it is important to take care of your loved ones but with that being said, it is also imperative that we care for ourselves so that we can continue on and actually love and enjoy ourselves, our lives and those we love.

Just as we can program our subconscious minds to behave in certain ways, we also can reprogram our bodies down to the cellular level. Example: I used to have asthma. I didn't like becoming short of breath and I missed swimming laps. I would wheeze and experience shortness of breath and get light headed and dizzy whenever I exerted myself. This can be quite distracting and embarrassing in the height of wild lovemaking, (not so sexy either.)

I would also have to stop in the middle of an exercise class to catch my breath. I started meditating in the steam room of my gym. I would inhale deeply and visualize that steamy air as healing blue light expanding and healing all those little air sacs. After a week of that I started swimming underwater. I'd swim a quarter of the length of the pool and eventually worked my way to staying underwater and holding my breath for almost the entire length of the pool. I visualized my lungs as healthy and fully expanded and pink with oxygen. I don't wheeze any longer. It's really nice to be able to run, make love and swim without having to stop and gasp.

We have to integrate the five aspects of ourselves together equally. It isn't as simply as visualizing my lungs as healthy. I also don't smoke, I eat foods that support my system, I exercise regularly and I rest when I need to. I take the physical or third dimensional steps needed to stay as health as I can. Here are a few reminders to help you stay on the road to good physical health and for integrating the third dimensional physical routines into your whole existence.

Educate yourself about wholesome foods and health. Marilu Henner has written a wonderful series of healthy, whole-foods books packed with info and delicious recipes. Check her out. 'Healthy Life Kitchen' She knows what she is doing. Also Check out He offers help with exercise and nutrition with a no-nonsense approach.

Keep healthy and simple foods in your home pantry and fridge. Willpower is needed first at the store and second at home. Gently integrate your family into your healthy food routine. Sometimes its way too difficult to avoid all that junk food sitting there calling you ("that you bought for them"). If your husband wants chips and soda and ice cream let him go to the store and buy his own. It's likely that if it's not in the house your family will opt for something else, rather than have to put on their shoes and go out and buy it.

Anyway, you'll be doing them a favor as well. Keep healthy alternatives readily available. That doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money at the health food store. A big bowl of mixed fruit on the table and wholesome muffins will be a much better alternative than junk and easy to reach for. You don't have to be a great cook either. It doesn't take a gourmet cook to prepare brown rice, pinto beans and salad.

Let's face reality: Tap water can contain many harmful elements and tastes nasty. Keep purified water in your home and stop purchasing the sugared/artificially flavored sweetened drinks. Drink water, teas and juices. (Remember that "juice drinks" or juice cocktails are just sugar-water with a splash of fruit juice added.) Why waste your money? Eliminate soda, coffee and alcohol.

Exercise regularly every day. Walk, ride your bike and incorporate some kind of exercise ritual into your routine. Classes are a great way to discipline yourself into a regular routine. Water aerobics, floor aerobics, tennis, weight lifting, a women's basketball team…the list goes on. No excuses! Too many people opt out of an exercise routine saying they are too tired, that life gives them enough exercise. In actuality, a daily exercise routine will give you more energy, strength and will help you to sleep better. It also stimulates production and release of endorphins that help you to feel euphoric and clear minded.

Get enough rest and relaxation! Take the time to pamper yourself and let your body have time to recover from your daily stress. Don't depend upon chemicals to "relax you." It's a very temporary fix if you have to use drugs etc… Yoga, meditation and a hot bath can do wonders!

Pampering and self-appreciation are important aspects of caring for your body. Take time to care for your personal hygiene. Massage and masturbation are a wonderful combination for sexual healing. If your body carries sexual tension and it becomes congested you may find yourself dealing with the physical manifestations of no sexual release. Many holistic health care providers say that the negative physical manifestations can show up as vaginal yeast infections, PMS, menopausal symptoms and other gynecological and other body system ailments. Love yourself and explore your body with a sense of awe and gratitude. Give yourself priority!

Pay attention to your body signals and learn to slow down and listen to what she is trying to tell you. Take care of the vessel in which your soul is living. By improving how you treat yourself, what you put into your body… you can begin to become an entirely new person. By creating a body that is healthy and receptive you open yourself to a new life full of wonderful and exciting possibilities.

You can create your own reality!

Debora Myers is the Founder and Executive Editor of Ladyfire Magazine. Watch for our hot new booklet to be realeased mid-December 'The Top Ten Sex Secrets Every Woman Should Know' found at: Build Your Passion for Life-Create Your Own Reality! Ladyfire offers expert advice, inspirational articles, stories, and techniques to build a foundation of empowerment for realizing your dreams. Ladyfire's Focus: Sexuality, Romance, Spirituality, Civil and Environmental Responsibility, Humor, The Paranormal, Relationships, Love, Health, Passion, Power! Sign up for the free Ladyfire Newsletter!

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