Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About Cellulite

Cellulite affects women more than men, because it is largely associated with the female hormones. The internal structure of skin in women is also different from that of a man.

Yes, women’s skin structure has a different make up! The fat cells are closer to the surface while men have these buried deeper into the layers, hence when the fat begins to clump to the connecting tissues it eventually begins to show through the top layers of skin as they wear away with time.

There are two types of cellulite. The most commonly seen type is soft and it is found in someone who is generally not very active, has a bad diet and a somewhat large intake of fats. It is usually very easy to notice and looks very dimpled. This type of cellulite is generally easy to eradicate. Hard cellulite, which is attached to the muscle of more active people is harder to remove from the body.

Cellulite has nothing really to do with being overweight. It is primarily caused either by heredity (it runs in the family), diet, activity, the flow of estrogen and taking of some mediations, most specifically birth control pills, which add estrogen to the body. Since weight has very little to actually do with the process thin people can and do develop cellulite.

That’s right, it’s not a fat person’s problem but one caused by the intake of excessively fatty food, lack of regular activity (sitting all day and typing – secretaries rear end) and not drinking enough pure water. Toxins do not get flush from the body and they combine with fats and stick to the tissues which connect our muscles and organs, primarily in the thighs, hips, rear and breasts areas.

Exercise alone will not solve the problem! Fatty food and estrogen will create that hard cellulite that is more difficult to flush from the body! So defeating cellulite is a proper regime that must also take heredity into account (which means you may work like the devil and it could still stick around on your thighs).

Flushing the toxins from your body by drinking pure water and lowering the amount of toxins (which include cigarette smoking, which can increase the likelihood of getting cellulite in some people). Reducing your fat intake (watch the mashed potatoes with margarine or gravy, red meats, stews, ice cream, candy, coconut and similar foods which contain excessive amounts of fat, which also affect your cholesterol and heart by the formation of plaque in the arteries and veins) and being more active can eventually remove these clumps of fat from your body!

Endermologie treatments (this is a device that applies massage and suction to the body) are effective in breaking up the fat areas and freeing them to flush from the body, thus reducing cellulite, but these treatments are expensive ($100+ each) and you require many treatments to see improvement.

Seaweed wraps (Thalassotherapy) may also help with the detoxification process while rejuvenating the skin, but these, too, are expensive.

Wet coffee grounds are said to provide some temporary quick-fixes!

Liposuction may do more harm than good. While it does remove the fat (they internally vacuum it from the body) it doesn’t change the structure, so fatty toxins can return in short order.

A wrap with “essential oils” made from herbs can also be effective in rejuvenating cellulite. These oils include very small amounts of grapefruit, thyme, fennel, lavender, geranium and juniper berry and a lot of almond oil. You put this on and wrap yourself up for a while, then shower.

Deep tissue massage of the general areas where cellulite is found will also be of some benefit.

To recap:

If you smoke, stop. Those toxins are a part of the problem, especially if you are on birth control pills as this also presents a heart attack risk for older women!

The birth control pills, themselves, could also be part of the problem.

If you have hard cellulite you may need the external vacuum therapy to help break this up, but strong, regular hand massage, some wraps of seaweed and oils may also quicken the recovery.

You must start drinking pure water, at least one or two small bottled a day.

You should be active and exercise.

Reduce the intake of fats and fatty acids in your diet. This means more poached or broiled fish and skinless chicken breast. Cook without oil or margarine. Eat more green vegetables with no margarine. Avoid candy, nuts and exotic items like coconut which has as much saturated fat as red meat. Keep as much red meat out of your diet as you can!

If you have soft cellulite common massage, some wraps now and then, a better diet and good aerobic exercise should eventually clear up all or most of the problem unless it is caused by some medication you are taking or your heredity makes you really prone to those darn dimples on your backside!

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