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Murder Among Strangers (A Kate Austin Mystery) by Jonnie Jacobs. Released in 2000 from Kensington Books ISBN 1575665409

I could identify with each character, especially Kate Austin, who was not only a victim in this story but a suspect as well. The twists and turns kept me in suspense practically every moment. For me, this book was even better then some Agatha Christie books!

-- Mary Simons

Invasion by Robin Cook Released in 2000 from Putnam and Sons/Penguin Putnam, Inc. ISBN 078622505. Soft cover version from Berkley Pub Group; ISBN: 0425155404

A mysterious computer disk seems to be infecting people with the flu. Those that recover suddenly become very interested in the environment. Is it a radical "green" group terrorist attack? Outer space aliens? Join the medical doctors in their quest to uncover who, what and why!

-- Mary Simons

Surrender the Pink by Carrie Fisher. Released in1990 from Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0671666401 The author of "Post Cards From The Edge" shows herself to be a writer with more than a book in her. Like "Post Cards" this book may be culled from life experiences (or it could be pure fiction). It is the search for true love in world of superficial world of men, losers and one-night stands. Witty, visual the book grabbed me from the first word and held my interest as I made my way half-way through the book in the first sitting. Not since Erica Jongís "The Fear of Flying" or Howard Sternís "Private Parts" have I read a book so vibrant I didnít want to put it down. Youíll find this used, at auction sites and probably in most libraries or from zShops. An oldie but goodie!  

Private Parts by Howard Stern. Released in 1993 by Simon and Schuster. zShops, used and in some libraries. Excellent reading. The auto-biographical life and times of the infamous and controversial American radio humorist.  

Ė E.R.D.


Low Cost Book Buys

Looking for somewhat recent, first quality, publisher editions at really low prices? Check out Edward R. Hamilton Booksellers, Falls Village, CT 06031-5000 USA. They have a web presence at

Examples of what you can find there include the Writerís Digest Books: 1999 Poetry Marketplace (the current edition is over $20 and while a little old, most of the contacts in the 1999 book are somewhat valid) at $4.99 or "Strange Highways" by Dean Koontz published at $24 and selling through Hamilton for $4.95.

While Iím sure youíve seen a lot of these $4.95 and $3.95 books in the front of Borders and other book chains, no one has as comprehensive a collection of close-out titles as Hamilton. And their shipping charges are quite reasonable. You can buy a whole year of reading for $30!

They also publish and send out a newspaper size listing of their books to regular customers.

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