Advertising Details
Advertising contracts are MONTHLY (calendar month), BI-MONTHLY (two calendar months), QUARTERLY (three months), SEMI-ANUAL (six months) and ANUAL (365 continuous days). You can change ad images at the start of any given month.

Fixed Banner and Rotating Banners (468 x 60 pixels)

For departments, contents and masthead pages the banners stay visible at all time in the upper frame of the screen so that your ads are seen the entire time the reader is scrolling down the page.


Display size ads

20% width
30% width
40% width
50% width

Display ads are placed in the body text area of selected articles and columns. These ads expand and contract to fit the browser resolution, however for maximum visibility the height of any given display ad should be 325 pixels tall for frameset department articles and stories.

The largest size ads let you include more information about your products in smaller type. And as with traditional magazine print ads, these larger display ads are far more active to the viewer, leaving a lasting impression.

Above is 60% width

Your Account Manager can help you target specific ads to specific areas of Issues Magazine, arrange for "no bump" placement and can also help with special issue tie-ins! For more information and rates contact an Account Executive!

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