Who Do They Think They Are?

How dare them to attack our country! How dare they attack and kill innocent people in a non-war situation! Who the hell do they think they are?

Better yet, who do they think we are? Some little defenseless country that will cower in fear? A country that is too fat and lazy to defend itself! A country that would not dream of going after the sick crazy, people who committed a heinous crime?

That was their first and last mistake. They picked the wrong country to attack. Founded by strong, fearless, and proud people, America will not take this lying down. America is one of the strongest and richest countries. America is full of strong willed, proud, and courageous people.

I didn't vote for President Bush but I have to say one thing about him. He is determined to get Bin Laden. He has turned from being something to laugh about to a very strong leader. I have watched him on TV and that look he has in his eyes is one of determination and you can just tell he will not back down. I admire the President! He is strong and that is what we need now. A strong leader!

The thing I like the best are how the Taliban is whining and complaining and pointing their finger like little children trying to pin the blame on someone else. They declared war on us when they stole our citizens and our planes to use as weapons to attack our country. That is exactly what we are giving them. War! They wanted it and who are we not to accommodate them?

We are not murders. We do not attack like terrorists and kill innocent people. We declare loud and strong exactly what we are doing. We also do not tolerate terrorists as proven by our own homegrown versions. We executed our McVeigh for the same thing that we will execute the guilty in this matter. We will see that justice is done. On that you may depend.

Yes, innocent people in their country are being killed. That is the price of war as proven on September 11, 2001, in New York City. War is hell for a very good reason but we did not start this war. They, those gutless cowards did! We are just going to insure that the guilty pay for their crimes.

They even have the nerve to brain wash their citizens in thinking that we are trying to poison them with our relief food. They, who treat their people worse than animals! They, who have no respect for life or liberty! They must be stopped and so they will be. By our courageous fighting forces and our brave President, those murderous cowards will be hunted down like the animals they are. We will drag them out of their hiding places and punish them.

America does not want to rule the world. We don't want to tell other countries how to live. But the Taliban believes in fear and terror. We cannot tolerate that and we will not tolerate terrorism no matter where it comes from. We will take any action to prove this.

There are other things that have come out of this disaster. Our strong allies who once again show their faith and belief in us! Allies who are loyal and who have the same values. They are strong and will also bring the guilty to justice. We admire them!

Who do they think they are? I can tell you one thing about them. They are very stupid. They picked on the wrong country. They will be brought down and their people will be free to live as humans once again. I guarantee it!


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