Is Outsourcing the Answer to a Lagging Economy?

In the face of the economic crisis facing America today, is your business faced with tightening its proverbial belt?

In these uncertain times, many businesses are feeling the pinch in the most sensitive place--their pocketbooks. Particular industries, which were already facing a drop in hiring and business spending before the events of September 11th, such as the Information Technology industry, are now even further taxed. Many web developers, programmers, and other IT professionals have experienced layoffs in record breaking numbers. Businesses in need of IT expertise, both small and large, are turning to subcontracting, also known as outsourcing, to pick up the slack where they have been forced to cut back on spending.

A large number of web development employees are dealing with high percentages of downtime, which companies can no longer afford to pay for. Hiring contracters allows companies to only pay when there is work being done. Subcontracting also does away with companies' responsibility for payroll taxes and benefits for each employee. Perhaps most importantly, contractors are used as needed, on a project-to-project basis.This eliminates the need for excessive layoffs of employees. Smaller companies striving for growth in tough times do not have to concern themselves with purchasing new equipment, or larger office spaces in order to accomodate new employees, and instead make use of off-site contractors with their own development tools.

DesigNerds web solutions is a New Jersey based web development company which provides subcontracting services in response to this need. Owner Kaya Casper says that the majority of the company's revenue comes from just this type of subcontracted project. If you need web or programming services, and need to cut spending, outsourcing may be the answer you are looking for. "Contracting is the answer for companies that want to be able to handle any project, no matter how large or small, in the most cost effective manner possible." says Casper.

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Tanya Rice is a freelance writer in the Philadelphia Area.

If you have questions or comments about outsourcing, the economy, or the state of the IT industry, please contact us at

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