Just Another Day

The columns stretched high against the clear blue sky.
Then came the flash of red and blue striking upon high.
Amidst smoke, fire and hell, beneath the ashes they lay.
It was after all, just another day

Heroes rushed forward, not asking how or why.
In an instant, many were gone-- no chance to say goodbye--
To a place far beyond terror’s realm where angels light the way.
It was after all, just another day.

Some fought back, in clouds overhead, unseen to naked eye.
Others would live because of their act, an unselfish thing to try.
Hatred’s face on this lone flight would cease to make us pay.
It was after all, just another day.

Hearts are broken, across the seas as those who love will cry.
But those who seethe beneath their rage will only hear a “lie.”
Those faceless men who live for fear may never go away.
It was after all, just another day.

Through stripes of red our souls are knit on that we can’t deny.
With freedom’s torch to guide our path we’ll remember when we sigh,
As years go by that we may never say,
“It was just another day.”

Bio: Ron Stern is a freelance writer and author of six books including his latest ebook called "Surfing for Savings: Your Complete Online Guide to Saving Big Money on Travel" (Hadami.com).

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