Phrophetic Dreaming

The idea that dreams can help one in predicting the future goes back about as far as recorded history. A famous example of this is the Biblical Joseph whose interpretation of the Pharoah's dream of seven years of plenty followed by seven years of starvation earned him a special place in the Pharoah's court. But can dreams really help us predict the future?

I won't deny that most dreams are complete nonsense constructed out of the events of the previous week or so. Some dreams are able to give us insight into fears or thoughts we've been repressing, to give us some psychological insight about ourselves. Dreams can also be a playground for the imagination where we can fly and do whatever we want. Well then, what about visions of tommorrow?

Several months ago, I had a dream in which airplanes flew into a skyscraper. However, this was not phrophetic of the events of September 11th since there was a runway inserted into the building. They were meant to fly inside it. Space shuttles were being launched from the roof. It was just a crazy dream. However, I got a sickening deja vu when I witnessed the terrorist actions that morning before heading off to work.

A dream of mine which would more closely fit into the category of prementory, happened several years ago. I was working at the post office at the time and had a rather mundane dream about sorting mail. However, the dream turned interesting when sirens started going off and the building was evacuated. I found myself alone in the building with Al Bundy from the popular televion series.

The next day, I felt some trepidation about going in to work, but went anyway. Nothing happened. A few weeks later however, I was sorting mail when sirens started going off and red lights started flashing. I'd never noticed the lights before and was quite surprised by their presence. I found that I and the other guy I was working with were the only two people left in the building. Everyone else had evacuated. I thought that I would probably die soon, but the sirens were eventually turned off and work soon went on as usual. The dream could have been a coincidence in this case, although it didn't really feel like one.

The most convincing phrophetic dream I've had took place years before the above dream. I was in church and looked across a crowded room to see a girl who I knew standing with another girl. She was someone who didn't go to church, so I thought it odd that my subconscious mind would place her there. Months later, the scene played itself out exactly as it had in my dream. She was standing in the same posture with the same girl I saw her with, wearing the same dress. My perspective of her was the same. I felt an incredible wave of deja vu at that moment. She never came back to church again, and she's someone I didn't know that well, so the dream had no real signifigance. It wasn't like I was being shown a vision, it was more like the dream got constructed out of bits and pieces of waking life like all dreams, except this one contained a future moment.

So, is it possible to see the future in dreams? I'd have to answer with a resounding maybe. I've never come across any convincing evidence to suggest that dreams of the future are more than coincidence, but perhaps they are. Perhaps our dreams do give us hints about the future. The only way to know for sure is to keep a detailed dream journal and watch for any similarity between your dreams and the events in your life that take place afterwards.

As always, I'll be happy to hear from anyone who has experienced the same kinds of things. Please send in your dreams, lucid dreams, phrophetic dreams, astral projectionings, dream-inspired poetry, or any thoughts you have on any subject related to dreaming to Do the interpretation yourself or let me have a crack at it. This section is an open forum for any and all dreaming and dreaming related experiences. If you don't send anything in, it'll just be me rambling on again next issue and I know you don't want that.

Good night.


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