Down Wit It Studios - A new voice in the entertainment field.

DWI Studios (Down Wit It) had its opening day on September 15, 2001. As an entertainment editor for my magazine I was privileged to be there for the 'unveiling'.

After getting the tour I talked to the studio’s engineer Doug Miller (also of the band Exact Change) about the twin Mackie Digital 8 bus consoles in Control Room A. Connected to a computer that even has a mouse it was a virtual sound mixer’s dream.

The room also has 48 tracks Mackie HFR 24/96 recorders, Roland and T.C. electronics processing, and an enormous keyboard selection. The sound room behind the glass can hold a small band or a single artist.

With the equipment in Control Room A an artist can create and record their dream work. The twin Mackies are so sophisticated that the engineer can ‘draw’ whatever sound is necessary and a single artist can have a complete band or symphony at their fingertips. It can even remember each individual artist's sound. There is no having to re-set it like in the old models

The most amazing about the studio is the premise that they will take an artist from the beginning to the end. Complete with in house voice coach, choreographer, and producers. The studio is equipped with bedrooms on the second floor and there are recreation rooms for any out of town artist who wishes to stay.

The owners and the general manager want to give top individual service to each artist to promote and expand the artist’s career. Their dream is to discover, create, and promote new and fresh talent in the entertainment field.

Began by John Hawkins, Arthur Rhea, and Jeffrey Clark, the idea was conceived late 1999. They started with Wildlife as an everyday studio. But the dream to create a Motown kind of place slowly came to life. Down Wit It Studio is the kind of studio that will help at any stage of an artist’s career.

They are global and at the cutting edge of the music business. The company has its own label “Down Wit’ It Records” which produces all types of music and the company also hopes, later on, to start a line of clothing.

“We hear the world from a different perspective….yours!”

Down With It Entertainment
4458 Allisonville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Office: (317) 547-3445
Fax: (317) 547-1052

Loretta A. Stradley is a free lance writer and editor. She has short stories published on line at Bayreview (now defunct) and an essay published at Topwriter. She has articles published at 17thSense, an online paper.

Publications: Aware, Volume 1, Issue 4, November 2000Published by The Nu Free Press

She is co-editor and co-founder of this ezine, Issues-mag, and is working on a fantasy novel in her free time. She also works at a full time job.

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