Craft: Christmas Stockings

Want a cute table topper as a little gift?†Why not make some mini stockings and stuff them with nuts, oranges and other sweets/party favors. Here's another easy-to-make, inexpensive Christmas craft gift!

You need:

* Cardboard cut into whatever size stocking you prefer

* Green and Red felt

* Glue Gun

* Gold glue sticks (or other preferred color) †

To Make Your Stocking:

Cut out the shape and size of a stocking with cardboard. Trace your cardboard stocking onto the felt and cut it out.

Then simply sew the two pieces together. Turn it inside out and presto! Stocking!†

You can also add more color by adding a cuff to the top of the stocking. Try adding ribbon to your stocking. Or try using gold glue sticks and gluing down patterns with your glue gun. You can write the personís name with gold glue.†

Get as creative as you want and have fun with it! Itís easy to do and quick!†

**If you own a Serger, you can simply serge the pieces together using green, red, or gold thread and leave it as is. Itís a wonderful finished look!

Tip: Try different fabrics such as shiny taffetas or silks if you want to get fancy with your stockings, or even Christmas-patterned fabrics. Add gold and silver ribbons to them, etc.†

Krista Barrett has been writing for the past 15 years. Her writing has been printed in newsletters and websites, as well as traditionally printed as far as Wales, UK. She is the managing editor of two websites; a writers resource site called Writers Manual and a cooking site called A Gourmet Kitchen. She also does editing/proofreading on a contract basis, and offers competitively priced web design through Web Wallz Design.


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