A New Artist Joins The Ranks

A new and talented artist has joined us in the Artist Arena. Here in her own words is her story.
I was born in the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus and emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1974. I received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Polytechnic University and for 15 years I was a practicing professional engineer with various Long Island consulting firms.

Painting though was part of my life for as long as I remember.

I love to paint and draw. I must have been born with it, as I do not recall any outside influence for this affliction.

Art class was always my favorite and somehow I also managed to turn every class subject into an art class. I used pieces of chalk to carve minute figures or busts during Ancient Greek literature, decorated history reports with related pencil drawings of historical figures etc.

The culture I grew up in and my own tendency to rebel overshadowed my love of art when it came time to make a career choice. I felt the need to prove to myself and the world that I could do a "man’s" work so I went to a science high school and later became a civil engineer.

For many years I did not create any art at all and I found myself feeling lost and unhappy.

So I started taking art classes to reacquaint myself with the workings of the right side of my brain.

Now I call myself an artist when someone asks, "What do you do?"

My love of all nature is a source of inspiration for my paintings. I find beauty in unexpected things, places, light and shadow forms. I feel challenged to transfer the excitement and delight I find in my subject to the rest of the world through my art.

I have to admit that I find it a bit difficult to explain my art. When I am really pressed for words I keep on thinking that it must be so much easier to answer this kind of question if you are a writer or a person with a love of language. A recent series of paintings I created show close ups of flowers larger than life, sometimes the whole flower sometimes a part of it. I chose that way of depicting the subject because I feel that something so beautiful deserves "center stage" with nothing else to compete for the viewers attention and must be large enough to show how magnificent I think it is.

Presently I am working on two different series of paintings. The first one is again based on flowers but this time I am focusing on the wonderful intricate line compositions I get from a flower’s structure as my base drawing to creating small abstract watercolors.

In the second series of paintings pears and various parts of a female form are used to create compositions that engage the viewer in an intellectual as well as visual dialogue.

My art training includes 36 undergraduate credits in Fine Arts from Nassau Community College and classes at the Art League of Long Island (ALLI).

I am having my first one woman show in January at the Amityville Public Library. This project is supported in part with funds from the Special Opportunity Stipend Program through the New York Foundation for the Arts, administered on Long Island by the East End Arts Council.

I am a member of the Art League of Long Island; the Babylon Citizen Council on the Arts and The Amityville Artists’ Circle (a founding member).

My work is included in private collections throughout the nation, Greece and Cyprus.

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