Texas Bands

Texas is known for its Cowboy appeal. Boots, spurs, and horses seem to surround the atmosphere of Texas. And, the tradition carries on with two up and coming groups.


Mo Robson Band

Originally formed by Mo Robinson and Jake Johnson in 1998. Their music is described as original Texas country/rock. Sponsored by Coors Lite, Mo Robinson has a full line of concerts throughout Texas. More impressive is that their self- titled debut "Mo Robson Band" released in May 12, 2000 sold 600 of the 1000 copies in a little over three months. Mo Robinson was recently named one of the top country bands on Adiorealm.

You can see Mo Robson Band in upcoming concerts at:

Lonestar Café in Garland, TX Friday, March 1

Thirsty Armadillo in Fort Worth, TX Friday, March 8

Adair's Salon in Dallas, TX Saturday, April 6

Wormy Dog Salon in Stillwater, OK Saturday, April 13

You can check them out, download some music, and get the latest concert schedule at www.morobsonband.com


Kyle Hutton

Another up and comer is Kyle Hutton, a native Texan who is making his way around the state. His music is described as hitting the heart of what Texas is all about. His CD “Coming Home” was listed in the top 25 on lonestarmusic.com and his first single “Livin’ Here With You” ranked #15 on the Texas Music Chart. Now with Wrangler sponsoring his band, Kyle Hutton has recently won over the Europe radio along with mainstream Nashville radios. And to top it all off he writes most of his songs on his own.

You can catch Kyle Hutton in concert here:

The White Elephant in Fort Worth, TX March 1

Private Party in San Antonio, TX March 16

Blancos in San Antonio, TX April 5

If you want to find out more about Kyle Hutton visit his website at www.kylehutton.com


But Country is not all Texas has to offer. Texas music offers a variety of flavors.


As Pushmonkey proves when they hit the Austin radio station 93.7 KLBJ. They have been seen live on the OzzFest tour and then again at Woodstock ’99. Their music is said to be an intense rock with the layering of vocal harmonies. Their newest album “El Bitché” has 11 songs written by the band.

You can catch Pushmonkey in concert 2002 at these locations:

Steamboat in Austin, TX Saturday, March 2

SXSW Showcase Steamboat in Austin, TX Friday, March 15

Northgate Music Festival in College Station, TX Friday, March 22

Trees in Dallas, TX Friday, March 29

The Pier in Austin, TX Saturday, March 30

Sidecar Pub in Houston, TX Friday, April 12

Logan Music Park in Beaumont, TX Saturday, April 13

KATI Radio Festival in Kingsville, TX Wednesday, May 1

If you want to read reviews of their album or find out more information on Pushmoney visit www.pushmonkey.com

21 Fits

21 Fits is another Texas rock band ready to take Texas by storm.

The band was originally formed in 1998 by singer Dunagin. All band members originate from the DFW area with a Houston addition. They are currently recording their first full CD in Arlington. The band is going to begin a concert schedule to debut their new album “Tertium Quid”. You can catch the band in concert:

Curtain Club Dallas, TX Saturday, March 2

Canyon Club Tuesday, March 26

Curtain Club Dallas, TX Saturday, March 30










To find out more about 21 Fits go to www.21fits.com


Blues are also a stream of music that Texas offers. There are numerous clubs that offer a chance to see some Texas Blues artists perform.

Holland K. Smith

One such artist is Holland K. Smith. Although his talents and love for music date back to childhood, it wasn’t until six years ago that Holland entered a contest and was asked to record an album. Holland’s music is described as unique Texas brewed Blues. He now has two CDs out and you can catch Holland in concert at:

Black Dog Tavern in Fort Worth, TX every Wednesday

You can find CDs, concert dates, and reviews of Holland K. Smith at www.hollandksmith.com


Ted Hall and the Pleasure Cats

Ted Hall and the Pleasure Cats is another Blues group emerging in Texas. They are located in the Austin area. Their first appearance in 1993 caused an escalade of further appearances. Their tours have taken them to Italy and home only to head back to Europe. Now Ted Hall and the Pleasure Cats are settled in Austin, TX where they have released a new CD.

You can catch Ted Hall’s “South Austin Blues Jam” held at The Filling Station in Austin, TX every Wednesday.

To find out more about Ted Hall and the Pleasure Cats please visit their website at www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/tricky/45/


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