I'm sick of so-called "Pro-Lifers" and their hypocritical

I confronted one on the Internet one day and asked her if she ate
meat, believed in the death penalty and wore leather.

She said, "Yes".

So I asked her, "How can you call yourself pro-life? You believe
in killing animals and people!"

"That's different," she replied.

"But don't animals and adults have lives? How can you be pro-life
if you're against animal life and human life?"

"I'm against killing the innocent," she replied.

"Aren't animals innocent?"

"That's different," was all she could say.

"Well, if you're not pro-all-life, then why don't you call
yourself pro-fetal-life and be technically correct about it?" I

"Let's stop arguing semantics," she said defensively, and that
was the end of her case for calling herself pro-life.

Truth is, most "pro-lifers" believe in exploiting the Earth and
all the life found on it, believe in holy wars and death-row
executions, and believe in cutting that sacred fetus loose once
it's been born. How many times have you heard a pro-lifer
denounce welfare and child services? Guess a life is only worth
defending when it's in the womb. Once it's out, it's on its own.
How compassionate.

And where does the woman's life come into the equation? Don't our
lives count for anything, or are we just vessels to carry a
sacred fetus around in? What happens to the 14-year-old who gets
pregnant by accident because some older guy told her that a
condom would cramp his style? She's not old enough to be
pregnant, never mind be a mother. Does her life count for
anything? What about the rape victim? Does she deserve to be
reminded of the rape for nine months? What about the mother of
four who just can't afford another baby, either monetarily or
mentally? And what about people like me who use all the necessary
precautions and still manage to get pregnant by accident? I don't
want a baby, never mind to be pregnant. Should I be made to
forcibly endure a pregnancy just because somehow my birth control
failed? When do my rights end and the fetus's begin? Do I
automatically give up custody of my body the moment a fertilized
egg implants itself in my uterine lining?

I don't think so.

And don't tell me adoption is the answer. Being pregnant is not
easy. It takes a large toll on a woman's body, and changes it
forever. And there's no way to hide a pregnancy from the world
without becoming a virtual recluse. If people see that you're
pregnant, and then a few months they see that you're not, and yet
you don't have a baby, they're going to talk. Your life will
never be the same. Beyond that, giving birth is not something
that anyone should be forced to do. A friend of mine who had a
difficult delivery once told me, "No one should go through this
unless they really want to." Having a baby made her more pro-
choice than ever. Don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-adoption. I
think carrying a child to term and then giving it up is one of
the most difficult things any human being can do, and I applaud
those who are strong enough to do it. But pregnancy should be a
choice, not an obligation.

So don't call yourself "pro-life" unless you're willing to defend
all life: human and animal, male and female, born and unborn.
Call yourself "pro-fetal-life" if you must, but I prefer the
term" anti-choice" to describe most pro-life "hypocrites".


Jennifer Pelland is an easily annoyed third generation feminist living in the Boston area. While she often rants about the weather, she'll never move, because she enjoys living in an area so liberal that she rarely needs to write angry letters to her Congressbeings. When not ranting, she listens to loud music, writes science fiction, and tries to win the affection of her cats."


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