The Business of Music

Our special this month is about the music business as looked at from a career or information perspective.

If you are looking to be a singer, songwriter, musician, manager, booking agent, recording engineer or producer you’ll find background information or stories that relate to these areas.

If you are planning to buy a guitar, bass, mutli-track recorder, microphone, audio sound hardware for your computer or software to record music, midi or other audio, you’ll find information and pricing on a variety of different items -- most under $1,000 and some for a free trial!

We look at a history of audio recording, giving you a look at how recorded music is created. In the process of putting this piece together we talked with a variety of professionals working in the field including musician and studio engineer Doug Miller (interviewed by our Loretta A. Stradley); musician and studio electronics specialist Gary Mould; Alan Mayer who has operated recording studios, worked in the video music field for television and is also a musician/session player on commercial recordings; Rod Fong who creates hand-made acoustic and electric guitars, plus does repair work on guitars, violins and basses; pro-audio equipment supplier Jeff Sherman who leases tube microphones, pre-amps and outboard professional audio gear to major recording studios, artists like Nirvana and the producer of Fleetwood Mac; ASCAP songwriter Lucrecia Russo whose work has made the the 'Current Performance' status; finally our own Earl R. Dingman who has worked in executive management for both ASCAP and BMI music publishers, is a member of the National Association of Music Publishers, worked A & R for several record labels, produced and engineered songs that have received international radio airplay, and has been associated with #1 hit artist R.B. Greaves (CBS), alternative rocker Jeffrey Spry and Felony (CBS-Scotti Brothers), Concrete Blonde (IRS), Lions and Ghosts (EMI), The Three O'Clock (Warner Brothers-Paisley Park), Bus Boy and Navigator Kevin O'Neal (who also worked on songs for the feature films Ghost Busters and 48 Hours as well as appearing in 48 Hours), among many other artists...

We will teach you a little something about music theory, song writing and arranging. We will take you into a recording studio. Tell you how to get started and take your act on the road. We tell you about some clubs, working bands, unknown bands just starting out, promotional materials and record pressing plants to help you mass produce CDs, cassettes and vinyl!

This is a one-stop place to get started, find out about, learn 'how-to' and maybe even help you to get over in the music world where you just might become a super star!

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