Martin Gruelle
By Loretta A. Stradley

As a self taught artist/illustrator, Martin Gruelle creates a world of fine art that fascinates the imagination.

Martin Gruelle continues a family tradition that spans many generations. From flowing abstracts to life like portraits. From airbrush to oils, to computer rendered illustrations. To whimsical drawings and caricatures. Whether using a brush,a pen or a mouse to create, it matters little to this imaginative and versatile artist.

Martin has a way of expressing inner vision that captivates the viewer. His art forces the art viewer to contemplate existence within the universe, and reflect upon life and look within for the deeper meaning to life.

To Martin art comes naturally. From oils to airbrush he is able to create, as though he had been at it for many years. "I may never become nationally known or famous but that's not really the point. I paint because it's what I love to do. "

Martin has work in museums in New York, and private collections from New York to California. His work appears in private collections in Austria and Germany. His work is increasingly sought after by both collectors and galleries.

To see more of Martin's fabulous art go to this website and enjoy. You won't be disappointed!

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