Letting Go of Guilt

Life has always been a challenge for us humans. In addition to the aspects of life that we have little control over, say, the illness that has invaded your familyís life or the fender bender you were in and just found out that your spouse forgot to pay the insurance, we seem to create more misery for ourselves by adding feelings of guilt to the picture.

Life is difficult enough without extra misery caused by our silly insecurities. Unnecessary guilt is not helpful. It only adds that much more pressure to our already overburdened lives. When we are feeling bad, guilty or unhappy, we tend to withdraw and have little to give back to our families and especially our mates. We canít keep the fire burning if weíre over-occupied with bashing ourselves for not being perfect wonder women.

We can do wonders for our families and ourselves by reminding ourselves that we neednít be perfect. Take the pressure off of yourself. Stop volunteering for everybody that asks for your help. Choose one charity instead of six to be involved in and give some nurturing time to you and yours. Your family will notice and enjoy a happier healthier woman!

So be kind to yourself. Tell the guilt to take a hike and concentrate on a slow and steady climb of improvement, rather than making 64 Instant New Years Resolutions that would be almost impossible to live up to.

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