Feedback From Past Issues...

The following came as a result of our profile in September 2001 on jazz artist Omar Sosa...

Hello Earl,

Thanks for the interesting and insightful profile on Omar and his music. We appreciate you taking the time to really listen...

We'll keep you in touch with Omar's activities, including his next CD release, "Sentir", scheduled for Spring 2002.

Best wishes to you and your associates for the continued growth and success of Issues Magazine...


Scott Price
OTA Records

The following came as a result of Kaya Casper's on-going series on Hair...

Hi Kaya,

My name is Leigh Lawrence. I recently read your "HairStory" online and wanted to find out from you how often and what types of oil you use on your locs/scalp? I too am allowing my hair to loc and was told recently by a stylist that I shouldn't oil my locs/scalp more than once per week. I have naturally dry hair and I'm concerned that it may get too dry if I only oil it once per week. Have you ever been told this?

I appreciate your assistance. Thanks.


Hello Leigh,

I have not been told not to oil my hair. I have been told not to use cream based products, chemical based products, or grease. I oil my hair several times a week without a problem. I am not sure whether your stylist is worried about build up or unraveling. I have not had much of a problem with either, but my hair is very coarse. I dont know what stage you are in ith your locs, but in the first two months or so I would say just avoid manipulating it as much as possible. I keep my hair oiled, but did not wash it for the first two months. I use a clear shampoo-no cream base-and that seems to get rid of any build up. Hope that answers your question. Let me know if I can help you further!



Thank you for your advice. I'm also growing Locs, but I'm doing it with yarn. My new hair dresser introduced me to it and I love it! Last Friday, I went to get my hair retwisted. I woke up on Sunday morning and my hair looks as if it's never been twisted! I want so much to grow Locs and I do want to try to take care of them. How can I at home take care of my yarn-Locs and prevent the twists from coming out in less than 2 days?

Peace and Blessings


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