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Subject: Man with tatoo


Dear Darrell, please could you interpret this dream for me. A friend of mine dreamt that she saw a big bald man in my house and he was full of tattoos. Many thanks and awaiting to hear from you.




The dream could mean a lot of different things, and without knowing more, I'd just be guessing at its meaning. If you could tell me more about her dream, I'd be able to give you a better interpretation.

Did the man in the dream remind your friend of anyone? Does she remember what any of the tattoos looked like? What sort of emotion was she feeling when she saw him? Was it a specific room in your house?

Any added details would be helpful.

Without knowing more, I can't say anything for certain, but this seems to be an anxiety dream. Large men with tattoos can be frightening. The fact that he's in your house could mean he's invading your space. Is there anyone in your friend's life who intimidates her or gets in her way?

Of course, the man with tattoos could mean something entirely different. For example, if I had a dream about an owl, the question isn't "What do owls mean in dreams?" but rather "What do owls mean to me?" Owls can represent wisdom, night life, fear, and many other things depending on the context and who dreamt it.

To find out exactly what a dream means, you've got to examine it thoroughly. You need to remember all the details you can and especially pay attention to the emotions you feel during the dream. They can often be your best guides.


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