The sun setting, I awake
to the rising of the moon.
The shadows play among the leaves
it is time for me to come alive.

I move through the shadows
the moon catches the sheen of my coat,
And the shimmer lasts but the faintest
blink of an eye and plays tricks on the mind.

What do you see?
Anything, nothing, something a blur?
Unless you can look into my soul
you do not see this phantom of the night.

I am the strength and grace of the night
I take my power from the moon.
I am the lonely hunter with such stealth
That I define the silence.

Fear nothing from me,
if you are strong and swift.
For I search for weakness
to devour.

I call out to another,
A soft gentle growling sound
That only my mate will hear,
And echo through the darkness.

I sit very still and silent in the shadows
I see you standing there.
I can see every detail and
my green eyes pierce through your soul.

Your night is my day.
I sense your fear of me.
I smell the essence of who you are
I hear the quick pounding of your heart.

I have the power to strike
To rip the heart from your body.
In the time you take to blink an eye
To tear the life from you.

Or I may choose to let you live
another moment, hour or lifetime.
If your heart is pure and true,
I will know that and spare your life.

My luminescent eyes peer into your soul
know the creature that you are inside.
I sense your pain
You are alone in the Universe.

In the flash of pure terror and agony
you can be gone from this earth.
I never kill from anger or despair
only in the natural order of things.

Maybe it is your time, maybe it is not.
Do you know? Do you sense that I am here?
I move quickly through the night
A flash of quicksilver!

Am I here or only the panic
in your soul?
Am I to be your end or your beginning?
I am the Cat and I know the answer.

(c) 2001

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