People Amaze Me

People have always amazed me. They still do to this day. Bleeding hearts try to bleed all over the rest of us because they feel sorry for someone. Well, let me tell you something! That may well be a good thing but not for those people, or should I say monsters, who are being detained in Cuba for their part in terrorism.

Have you forgotten already September 11th? Have you forgotten the innocent lives we lost? How can anyone feel sorry for these animals? Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said animals. They are not even on the same level as animals. Animals only kill for food. They donít go around blowing up people horrifically with airplanes.

Don't forget! The people in the towers were not the only ones killed in that massacre. There were also innocent people, some of them children, who died on those planes. And they knew far longer what was going on than the people in the buildings. Never, ever, forget the heroes who took that plane down in Pennsylvania either. They knew and still did something to lessen the death toll on that fateful day.

You people make me nauseous. How can anyone have any sympathy for those evil people? Yes, they were following what they were told. Yes, they were following what they thought their religion believed in. Yes, they did what they THOUGHT was right. But a serial killer also thinks that what he does is correct.

How can anyone feel sympathy for someone who, no matter the reason, kills innocent people? Should we let them go and continue? Should we turn the other cheek and say "Hey, that is their right to believe that they are doing the correct thing in following their beliefs."

The bottom line to this whole "Oh, the poor people. Look how they are being kept and look how they are blindfolded, shackled, and gagged.", is that these lesser than animals monsters killed innocent people and sometimes did even more. There have also been stories of the tortures that they have perpetuated on their own people. Did you hear me? THEIR own PEOPLE! Not only ours but the women, children, and men in their own countries, who have done nothing but try to exist and live a life.

Our country, America, is at war and the saying goes that all is fair in love and war. We are at war people! Get over it. These persons committed some of the worst crimes against another human anyone can commit and they should not be treated with kid gloves.

I commend our government for the way it is dealing with the situation. The 'detainees' have no real rights yet. Their future has not been determined. Be assured that they are being treated better than their victims were. At least they are alive. Some of their victims can't say that. At least they are being fed. Some of their victims can't say that.

Get a grip and deal with the fact that the treatment that these terrorists are receiving is too good for them. Do you think that they cared about the treatment they gave their victims? No, they did not. They continued to act cruelly and viscously even though they knew that it was wrong. You cannot get me to believe that they didn't know that the pain and suffering they caused was right. They knew! Oh, yeah they knew. And still did nothing to stop it. The common decency we all have as humans was ignored.

This is war people and the United States didn't start it but by God we will finish it. We owe it as decent human beings to stop these monsters from causing more harm and suffering. With the help of our fellow countries who also detest terrorism, we will prevail. Now quit whining about the treatment of these monsters and remember the fallen victims.

© 2002

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