Albert De Lorenzo
by Loretta A. Stradley

Albert has a style unique and refreshing. His use of color is bold and his
subject matter controversial at times. Looking at his work you see Albert's view
on life and the world in general.

Albert De Lorenzo was born in the town of Zell Am See in the Austrian Alps on
February 24, 1951. From there he migrated to the town of Livorno on the
northwest coast of Italy.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a ship in 1956 he
spent the next thirty-five years exploring the areas and cultures in the
continental United States where he gathered material for his art.

He is currently working towards a degree in Literature with a concentration in
Creative Writing. His philosophy is based on a saying by the Artist Francis Bacon,
"Life is but a spasm of consciousness between two voids, and that being the
the case, one may as well be extraordinary."

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