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What's your REAL age?

Find out how old you are in ‘health’ years and start living ‘younger’ today!

Have you ever thought about how living your life affects your aging rate? If you could find out how you’re doing, would you want to know? Well, you can. Through the use of a simple questionnaire you will learn just how ‘old’ you really are.

The RealAge test analyzes hundreds of factors that may be aging you. Your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and the amount of sleep you get can all affect your rate of aging. It takes about 30 minutes to complete, but you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting. Your data will be saved and you can easily pick up where you left off whenever you have more time.

This site not only helps you find your way back to great, long-lasting health, but also boasts of many (and I do mean MANY) different health assessments and informational tidbits on different health concerns you may have, ranging from the common cold to hangovers. You can also sign up for their "Tip of the Day" (which I STRONGLY suggest you do – there are some great tips in these and are a quick and easy read).

This thorough questionnaire gathers the data necessary to calculate your Real Age. It is divided into seven sections representing the following Age Reduction categories:

  • General Health

  • Lifestyle and Safety

  • Medical History

  • Nutrition

  • Physical Activities

  • Stress and Social Support

  • Medications.

After you complete each section, your RealAge is calculated to show you how your lifestyle choices have affected you. Obviously accuracy comes down to how honestly you answer each question. My advice; be painfully honest. It’ll pay off in the end. Take your time and be accurate.

You really need to complete the full questionnaire in order to get a true RealAge as each section affects the other. Even though your RealAge is calculated and displayed at the end of each page, that calculation will not be as accurate as the one displayed when you have finished the entire test.

This site is very user-friendly and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all you learn there! They even help you come up with a personal plan to make your life a healthier one – and no, there’s no sales stuff here. At least, I’ve never been hit with any. You can also update your RealAge at any time, which hopefully you will be doing.

I found the 'Nutrition Summary' most interesting. It is an analysis of your dietary habits as reflected by your responses to the questionnaire. Yes, you can just imagine - sigh! We...err...I have work to do.

So are you ready to find out how old you really are? Be brave and remember the benefits to doing this…increased healthy living!

Click here to get started: 'The RealAge Test'.

For those of you who just ‘don’t have time’ to follow through with the full questionnaire (waggling finger at you…shame shame!) there is a Quickie Test listed right underneath the full questionnaire. 

Did you know?

‘Keeping your teeth and gums healthy can decrease your RealAge by 6.4 years.’

Well, I hope this makes a difference in your life – I know it has in mine! Wishing you all the best in your endeavors and Healthy Living to you!

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