Atomic Kitten - Right Now Virgin Records UK B000056P9F

While not yet widely known in the U.S., this trio of babes (Natasha Hamilton on the top right, she's the newest Kitten, Jenny Frost -- the blonde on the left -- and down at the bottom is Liz McLarnon, who goes by the nickname Lil) have been taking the other side of the globe by storm. They regularly tour the Far East, do shows all over England (including a recent television appearance) where their last single made it into the top 10, plus they topped the charts in New Zealand with a #1 hit record for 8 weeks running, Whole Again, plus making an impressive showing on Australian radio, where it went to #2!

Whole Again also reached high into the top 10 list on the World Pop Globe chart. As with a lot of acts these days the re-mixes of their album tracks (done either at the request of specific radio stations or made by the record company in an effort to facilitate programming on radio) are actually better than the original cuts. This is the case with Whole Again which is a little dreary on the album but sparkles on the re-mix! Follow Me is another cut doing quite well. Their next single will be Eternal Flame. As a whole this album is not quite as good as the first Spice Girls album, but some of the cuts on Kitten's Right Now are quite nice and the girls really look hot!

Lil, Jen and Tash are set to appear in July and August in Liverpool, Somerset, London, Essex and Kent. They will also be doing a promotional with ABC radio in Denmark.


My Vitriol - Finelines Infectious Records also on Org and Abuse Compliations -- Available from B00005A3NM

Seth - guitar
Som - guitar/vocals
Ravi - drums
Carolyn - bass/vocals

Originally founded in England by Ravi and Som, who lived in the same college dorm, their first recording (Delusions of Grandeur) was made through the university and put out in limited pressing. The BBC quickly began playing them on the Session Unsigned radio show. Then, some of their cuts became included in compilation records from Org and Abuse records, spawning more airplay elsewhere in Europe and Asia. Seith and Carolyn were added to the roster with the release of Always: Your Way/Pieces single in December of 1999 and eventually making it into the top-40 list on BBC-1 and X-fm. They recorded singles for Infectious Records (Losing Touch and Centened Shoes) which also faired well on daytime UK radio. This year they began touring Japan and Europe supporting their debut album, Finelines. In the meantime Always: Your Way made it into the top 20 list on regular radio earlier this year.

Live Festival dates: July: (1st) Metropolis Rotterdam (tbc) Netherlands, (4th) Quart, Norway, (6th) Belfort, France, (7th) T in the Park Scotland, (24-26th) Paleo, Switzerland. August: (11th) Haldern, Germany, (18-19th) Summer Sonic, Japan, (21st) Quatro, Tokyo, Japan, (24th) Lowlands, Hol, (25th-26th) Carling Weekend in Reading/Leeds, UK.

My Vitriol Website
Org Records - Magazine Web Site

12 CDs for the Price of 1!

Burning Spear - Calling Rastafari Uni/Rounder B00000JMCM

It's actually a Winston Rodney solo effort, but since his vocals comprised a lot of the meat in past efforts from the band with a chorus of people assisting with the backing vocals. Hallelujah features a very up-front wah-wah pedal guitar feel. Let's Move has lots of staccato horns and bass groove slightly reminiscent of what one comes to expect of War (a-laThe Cisco Kid). House of Reggae features some aggressive drum fills while sporting a very R and B style horn section with a solo sax in the background. Subtle Hammond organ and two rhythm guitars fill out the music tracks. As It Is uses the horns in a different, more brassy light flavored a little like the horns in Got To Get You Into My Life from the Beatles. Solo guitar licks provide color with piano rhythm hits more up front than the guitars which are played in a dampened manner of many R and B songs from the 70s and 80s.

Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey/Garvey's Ghost Uni/Mango B000003QGU

Also check out Burning Spear's landmark re-issue album from 1975 -- this one has Delroy Hines, and Rupert Milligton in addition to Winston Rodney.

--Dr. D.

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