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May 1, 2001

I spent forty years in the print media, magazines and newspapers, and I have always felt just about everything on the web lacked the visual impact of the print media. You have remedied that situation. Your first issue is outstanding. Please keep it up. Your graphics grab one as a good magazine cover does.


--R.W., Greensburg, KY

May 7, 2001

What an attractive site! I like the crisp, clean look and ease of navigation. I already joined your mailing list...Thanks for the great magazine!



May 4, 2001

Dear Issues Editors:

I absolutely love the design of your website and was wondering, who is the graphic designer? I look forward to becoming a reader, as well as letting my fellow writers in on this market.

Wishing you the best in your endeavors.


FYI: Kaya Casper of is the site's developer. Krista Barrett and Kaya worked together on the design and layout, based on Krista's original art work.


May 5, 2001

With regard to last month's Entertainment>Music section...

Thank you SO MUCH for that review of our song, Follow Me. We are so excited and touched by your words and praise. We have had a lot of positive feedback from fans and listeners of our music but this is sort of the first truly professional review that we have gotten. It is absolutely a powerful review and it has touched our hearts deeply. Again, we really appreciate the time you have taken to listen to our songs.

--Maria and Chrissy (elan)

And I still keep listening to it, too! Still one of the best songs I've heard and far better than most of what is on pop radio right now!

--Dr. D.

With regard to last month's Entertainment>Events section...

Congrats on your premier issue! I should note that I am baffled by the comment with the link, " also has a list, but not nearly as large", as the Directorie ( has the largest list in existence.


Our initial comments came from another source. We took another look at the listings, and have corrected the article. Thank you for making us aware of this error.


I've been reading your online magazine, and I'm impressed with your willingness to tackle issues that others might be wary of.

--T. L., Lancashire, UK

May 23, 2001


I just discovered your magazine and I love it!...You seem to cover a very wide array of topics and that appeals to me. I would, however, like to know more about the political approach Issues takes, if at all. More specifically, do you edit and revise submitted material based on a particular political parameter which you feel you must stay within or do you truly honor the "freedom of statement" tome. Also, do you feel you have a specific audience you are trying to appeal to?


At Issues, we make a distinct effort to tackle heavy hitting political issues, while at the same time providing a large amount of information to our readers in many areas. Our Editorial Board strives to allow a large degree of freedom for our contributors, while maintaining our integrity by checking facts to the best of our abilities. Our approach is to appeal to as many people, in as many different walks of life as possible.


May 14, 2001

With regard to last month's article, Crisis in Jerusalem...

The article "Crisis in Jerusalem" although attempting to show the situation from the all sides - tries to pack thousands of years of history into a relatively short article, which of course is impossible. Zionism, or the belief of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel as their homeland, began a lot before the 1800's and Herzl. Try reading the Bible. Yes, the situation in Israel is very bad right now - actually, it is horrible - with violence increasing every day and innocent people losing their lives. The reality is, for those who want to know, Arafat is not interested in peace - he is trying to kill as many Jews as he can in his pursuit of the whole country. Israel is fighting for her life right now. I would like to recommend to any one who would like to understand more about Israel to go to and to

--Posted by mlock on our "Say Your Piece" Issues Message Board

In doing the article I tried very much to keep a fair balance to all sides, while presenting their valid issues and realities. As far as the the web sites I listed, I didn't find any Israel web site that seemed to offer something new or impartial that wasn't covered in the U.S. web site I posted. I posted an Arab web site, because it did offer some generic as well as specific information not covered by the U.S. site. I probably should have, but didn't, post the U.N. Declarations, which I felt were too long for most people read.


May 14, 2001

Also from our message board on the same subject...

If the people keep killing each other they will never end the crisis. And the Jews are responsible for not ending the crisis. They send tanks and helicopters against fifteen years old kids throwing rocks. The USA has to quit giving Israel the weapons for war, then, and only then will the slaughter stop. It was a mistake in the first place to give the Jews their own country, or "homeland". And in the middle of all the different people that have hated the Jews for centuries! Now the Jews are treating their neighbors just as bad as Hitler treated them. The USA can stop the slaughter, by putting pressure on Israel to stop the killing, and quit furnishing them with the weapons to kill their neighbors. Jerusalem is supposed to be a religious town or city, and it is one of the most violent cities in the world. That should tell you something.

--Posted by inmyopinion on our "Say Your Piece" Issues Message Board

There have always been Jews living in the Middle East, and in what we now call Israel. There was no "Jordan", and there was no "Israel" at one time, but eventually, national borders were drawn up by the western powers. It could just as easily be said that the Palestinians or the Jordanians were "given" their homelands.

There is a certain amount of irony in the fact that it looks as though the Israelis are waging a war on people based on religious/ethnic differences, but any similarities between the actions of Modern Israelis and Nazi Germany ends there. The present conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is only the most recent manifestation of a long and complex history. While Israel deserves its fair share of the blame for the ongoing violence, it is important to remember that they are fighting a "war" against a people who are openly committed to the destruction of Israel. This is a far cry from rounding up innocent people, packing them into box cars and sending them off to camps to be systematically slaughtered or worked to death as slaves.


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