Steelfish Harry

Harry Saarinen (aka: "SteelfishHarry, The Flounder Pounder") is a lifelong Amityville resident, and has lived on the bay his entire life.

His wonderful art has a nautical theme. He gets his inspiration from the ocean and the town he loves so well for his art.

Contrary to his nickname, Harry's artistry isn't limited to flounder. His pieces include intricate multimedia dioramas of "cartoon fishing" and boating scenes, incorporating wood and melted metals.

He has made clams, boats, crabs, mailboxes, boatboxes, and, flowers.

Harry's pieces have gained notoriety both locally and abroad. Most recently, he was featured on News 12, Long Island with Chauncy Howell and Ken Grimball (October 12, 2000), and on Good Day, New York, with Donna Hanover.

One of his pieces entitled "Clamityville" (spot the obvious pun) was given to the people of Le Bourget, France as a gift of goodwill from Amityville, it's "Sister City".


The coloration of this 7 foot hight sculpture was created by using the steels own natural color brought out by the heat.

Harry is also dedicated to promoting artistic creativity among the youth in our community. He works with local fishermen, clam-diggers, and "the world's oldest lifeguard" teaching children about the Great South Bay through a program called Long Island Traditions.

So, call him what you like…"Harry Saari", "SteelfisHarry", "The Flounder Pounder", but don't miss the opportunity to see his work. He is a true artist, and his work is a testament to the true spirit.

Harry's website can be found at:

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