Blood Filled Streets

Every day, 16 children in America ages 20 and under are killed in gun incidents, suicides and homicides. A youth aged 10 to 19 commits suicide with a gun every six hours. Guns account for 10% of all childhood deaths.

One of the more grievous aspects of firearm violence is the fact that children are far too often the victims. Most unintentional firearm deaths among children younger than fifteen are traced to loaded and unlocked weapons used in play.

On the average, one man, woman or child is killed or wounded by a gun every 2.5 minutes in the United States. Death by guns is a common occurrence in America. You can read stories in the newspaper almost every day about an innocent person getting shot. Far more often the victim is an ordinary person like your sister, uncle, neighbor or son.

Guns are everywhere. On the television. At the movies. At our schools, and on the streets. Adults collect them. Recreational shooters use them legitimately. Children want them to impress other kids. Young men want them to have the feel of power. Our schools are no longer safe. The fist fights of 15 years ago are the gunfights of today.

Guns are the second most deadly consumer product on the market. With over 300,000,000 personally owned firearms, America represents the world's largest private arsenal. In almost no other part of the world are civilians as free to own and use guns as they are in America; and no major office anywhere has been shot at so frequently by its own citizens as the Presidency of the United States.

In 1995 Governor Bush signed legislation allowing Texans to carry concealed handguns. Then two years after signing the legislation, he made it legal to carry guns into churches, hospitals, and amusement parks. According to the International Association of Chief of Police, each year guns are involved in:

15,000 suicides

175,000 assaults

90,000 rapes

With our streets and schools being filled with bloody massacre, why does the government still allow citizens to have guns? Because we have people like the members of the National Rifle Association who use the Second Amendment as a defense. The NRA's belief is...the right to keep and bear arms..." Their slogan is "Guns don't kill, people do." Their "right" to own a gun is taking away someone's right to life.

The NRA's version of the "right to keep and bear arms" is nothing more than an illusion. Rarely does the NRA quote the second amendment in its entirety. The amendment states; "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The word "Militia" is defined as, "a body of citizens enrolled for military discipline."

When the writer's of the Constitution wrote the Second Amendment, I don't think they were giving murderers the "right" to kill people. Children the "right" to kill classmates, and husbands or wives the "right" to kill their ex's. America's forefathers were brought up with better moral values than that.

The Declaration was an exposition of the moral, creation derived, basis for human society; and it is recognized that the unalienable rights of man included the right to pursue happiness. Guns are taking away that right to pursue happiness.

Am I a mother "happy" to send her child to school a nagging fear that they might get shot and never return home? How about the right of every citizen to know that they or a loved one won't be part of the 60 people (including children) killed by guns, on average, every day in America.

For those who say that stricter gun control won't work, let's look at the statistics of the homicide rates between England and America. The following figures are homicides per 100,000. (By Ken Kreps).

In 1920 England's figure dropped to 0.84, while ours rose to 7.1.

This means that in 1988, fifteen times more people in every 100,000 were killed by firearms in the U.S. than in England.

In order for us to get rid of guns, parents, teachers, neighbors, families, and students need to rise together and fight for their right to life. We need to get rid of organizations like the NRA with false leaders like Charleton Heston. We need to make God the leader and save America before it's too late. Search the Web.
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