A Night He'll Never Forget- The Geisha Bath

Don a long silky kimono, paint those nails and pull up your long hair with hair sticks. If you have short hair wear it in a sleek, clean style. Make sure the bathroom is immaculate and get rid of the clutter.

Flower arrangements are expensive, but don't pout and do without, go into the yard and cut different lengths, shades and textures of greenery. Strip the last few inches of leaves from the stem and arrange a simple and elegant arrangement for the bathroom. A few candles strategically placed so that the light is flattering will add a lot to the ambience you're building.

Light some incense or aromatherapy oils but only if you both enjoy perfumes. Have some soft oriental music playing in the background. Big, soft, fluffy mats or towels on the floor to step out onto will lessen the shock of emerging from the hot water.

A hot tub would be perfect for the Geisha treatment and offer more room for maneuvering but we aren't all blessed. Don't worry though, a bathtub works just fine. Make sure the water is hot and the room is heated. Undress him slowly; lightly brush against his skin as you do so. Let the robe slip a little as you dip and move to show off your attributes; voluptuous bosom, long legs, pretty hands ...

Obviously there's more to this than getting naked and clean. Remember we are electrical beings. Water conducts electricity and therefore the love you feel for one another will synergistically unite!! Open your heart and let your loving energy flow into him.

Lead him to the tub and hold his hand while he steps into the water. Now, tenderly wash him from head to toe. Start with his body; take his hand or foot with one of your hands, while washing with the other. Keep as much body contact as possible between the two of you.

Save the love zones for last. Have some different textured washing tools on hand to offer extra stimulation: Loufa, vegetable skin brush, and a soft cloth. Have a cup or container on hand for rinsing if you don't have a hand held shower nozzle. Keep him warm.

Now wash his hair. I always save this for last so he won't become too cold. Give his scalp a good long massage over his entire head, then work down to his neck and shoulders for a soapy massage. Continue splashing warm water over him so he won't become cold.

It he has been "sick and tired" he may just want to lay in the tub and soak for a while in the hot water. If he has been feeling sexually neglected, you may want to either give him some extra attention (magic hand job) with a slippery bath gel, or climb into the tub and take him to ecstasy with a wet and wonderful lovemaking. Don't get so caught up in the heat that one of you ends up slipping and getting a lump! A 911 call would definitely put a damper on the romance! You might be wise to continue the lovemaking elsewhere.

Most of all relax and use your imagination! He'll never forget you for it! Don't be surprised if he follows your lead and pulls you in with him for a scrubbing of your own! Bottoms up!

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Debora Myers is editor and co-founder of Ladyfire.com. She is a graduate of the Self-Heal School of Herbal Medicine in San Diego, CA. She has also studied extensively with Traditional American Indian Healers and been actively involved in the civil rights and environmental movements. Debora is a life long student, constantly updating and educating herself concerning the holistic healing arts and sexuality. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children.

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