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On Friday, May 11, 2001, I went with an old friend to see a play at the Phoenix Theatre, located in an old church on the corner of Park Avenue and St. Claire Street in Indianapolis Indiana. A must-go place, The Phoenix Theatre is unique!

It was the last night for the play written by David Lindsay-Abaire. The play itself has an ingenious plot. It is the story of a woman who wakes up each morning to discover that she has no memory of who she is or of anyone else.

Through two acts you slowly discover the dark secrets of the man in the ski mask, who, this night, is played brilliantly by Bryan D. Fonseca. Mr. Fonseca plays the role of a man who finally realizes the pain he has caused. You see the pain and anger of the son, Kenny, played by Blaine Hogan. Mr. Hogan did a remarkable job of playing the role of a troubled teen who has seen too much in his young life.

The whole cast was good, but Gertie and Heidi stood out the most to this reviewer. Karen Irwin's portrayal of a criminal portraying a police officer was excellent. Her sense of timing and ability to bring out the humor of her part impressive.

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Personally, I thought the actress who played the mother, Gertie, gave the best performance. Played by Gayle Steigerwald, her emotions and actions all rang true. Though I knew she was acting, it was hard for me to remember that she was not really a woman who had a stroke. She was quick, funny, and very competent in conveying the fear of her character.

Little will be said of the puppet Hinky Binky. You must make that call yourself. His (her?) partner in crime Millet is an enjoyable simpleton played by LeBron Benton. Mr. Benton though not much of a puppeteer is an excellent actor. He played his role well.

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