Susan a.k.a. "FireRisin" has proven to be multitalented and has a wonderful sense of color and style. Susan has a wonderful sense of depth which comes out in her sculptures. She uses her materials to their best advantage that brings out their beauty and makes you see the wonderful colors and textures that they offer.

Susan Buchenholz lives in the southeastern corner of Arizona. She has been an artist (primarily a stone sculptor for over 35 years). She studied at Pel's Art School, the Art Students League, and The New School for Social Research as well in private study with several known working artists in the New York area.

In the mid-1980's Susan emigrated to Arizona and showed in several Bisbee Galleries and in the late 1980's Susan's jewelry was offered in the Tucson Museum of Art Shop.

Several years ago she returned her focus to fine arts and specifically to stone sculpture. Showing at the 26th Annual Sierra Vista Art Festival Grand Opening of the New Gallery in May of 1996, she won the First, Third and Honorable Mention awards in Sculpture.


In 1997, Susan's work was represented by Jane Hamilton Gallery in Bisbee. In 1997, having recommited to her chosen path she returned to school to learn techniques for welded sculpture as well as web design and further study in the use of color.

More of her beautiful work can be found at:


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