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Treasures of Our Memory

Memories of you
Are embedded in my mind
I see your name in the stars
Feel you in the breeze
You enter my heart
As I remember your smile
As the seagulls sway
They carry your spirit
Under their wings
Your beauty shines
Like brilliant diamonds
In the stars
I hold you
In my heart
From day to day
I cover my beating heart
With the memory
Of your precious love
Sheltering me from the pain
It’s hard to say
It’s hard to be
"Without you"
But I carry you
Deep within my heart
With each memory
I have embraced
As the ocean roars
It sounds like thunder
Within me
The thought of my lost love
Rages wide upon 
The ocean roars
I loved the one I lost
I loved at all costs
Fire burns my saddened heart
Heating its lonesome passive beat
Crying for you
To come to me in a dream
Like the search lights
Of a lighthouse
Showing its way through the darkness
Showing your spirit
Upon the ocean shores
Ocean waves embrace
The rocks
With hope of feeling secure
I hear you when birds sing
I see you in everything
I kiss you 
In my spiritual world
Holding on
Holding on to all our precious moments
Holding on to someone’s special love
I once had
And lost
Fly free
And spread your wings
With the seagulls
Shine with the stars
Feel the breeze
Feel my love
Roar and burn
Within the treasures
Of our memories
The lighthouse shows
Your spirit
The way to my dreams
The way to my soul
The way back to me
Loving you forever
In the treasures of our memories

Mary M


Music, warmth, friends,
Family, food, home...
All the things
We so long for.
Belonging... sharing...
'Tis the season...

"Alms... A Perspective..."

Have you felt the "soul" of a three year old weep?
Been so bone chilling COLD? Been afraid to sleep
For the sounds rustling near your head in the dark
Were not always "gentle" and sometimes left marks?
Been truly hungry for days on end?
Watched your mother cry for "no reason"... again?

Worn hand-me-downs given without a trace
Of kindness from relatives with unsmiling face?
Seen reflection's grin from trouser's seat?
"Iron-Ons" gleam before they were "neat"?
Walk miles (cause there was no other way)?
Have to "borrow" dinner's bread for today?

Attend school by a parish' selfish grace,
For you're of the "poor" they need to embrace...
And lest you forget their pity's refrain
They MUST tell the child again and again...
(but why is this "goodness" always within...
The hearing of the other children?)

Have you sat by a window whole summers long
Dreaming of "friends" and playing along?
Or wished on a streetlamp
'cause there was no star?
Played with clothespin "soldiers",
Made houses of cards?

Found third hand "treasures"
In dark, sour stores...
But it didn't matter... anyway
They couldn't be yours.

Have you seen a father worn so far down
His eyes would seldom leave the ground...
The lack of hope in a child's lost eyes...
The grave's chill future realized?
All these and so many, many more
Are the "Alms" received by the "poor".

Charles Christian Twyford

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