Enough is Enough is Too Much

Political Commentary by Richard Grayson

I am not a fan of any politician. The last person I voted for, as opposed to voting against someone, was Barry Goldwater. And I am certainly not going to go to the defense of Bill Clinton, although he may be the greatest politician since FDR, whom I also had very little use for. But the present foolishness consuming the time of our elected representatives, and costing the taxpayers money, has got to stop.

Ever since Clinton issued some pardons on January 19th many of the political hacks in Washington have been taking the opportunity to make headlines denouncing those pardons and threatening all sorts of dire consequences. That may be their business, but they are spending tax payer money to hold hearings and gather evidence of wrong-doing, and when they spend my tax dollars on foolishness it becomes my business. It is a con job by Orrin Hatch and other politicos who know full well that they can do nothing about those pardons. They are just hoping the public doesn't know that.

The Constitution of the United States covers said pardons in Article II, Clause 2, and says presidential pardon power "cannot be modified, abridged, or diminished by the Congress." This is the Constitution that Orrin Hatch and others have sworn to uphold, whether they have ever bothered to read it or not. It says very clearly that Congress has no power of any kind to do anything about the presidential pardon power.

Presidential pardons have frequently been unpopular with everyone except the people receiving them. George Washington pardoned the instigators of the Whiskey Rebellion, Harry Truman issued a pardon for nearly every day he served in office, more than 1,900 of them, Gerald Ford wisely pardoned Nixon before Watergate could tear the country apart and hurt us even more than it did. The Constitution does not say that the pardons have to be wise, and frequently they have not been, but the Constitution does say that the power of the president to grant them cannot be altered or made the subject of countless bureaucratic restrictions.

This isn't really about a millionaire who got pardoned for a crime he may not have committed in the first place. This is about elected representatives trying to bury Bill Clinton and see to it that Hillary Clinton does not emerge as a potential presidential candidate somewhere down the line. Hatch and the others couldn't care less about the pardons themselves. While I can agree with the idea of stopping Hillary, that is not what these elected representatives were sent to Washington to do. They are devoting time, money and energy to something that is Constitutionally beyond their scope and they are not getting on with the people's business. They are not doing their jobs. Some would say that they seldom do.

It is long past time that our elected representatives ceased using their public platform for personal vendettas and got on with the job they are suppose to do. We have many serious problems in this country, and to devote resources to this is nonsense. If one could prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that a presidential pardon were bought and paid for, the Congress and the Supreme Court still have no power to overturn that pardon or take any action, and they know it.

They simply see this as an excellent opportunity to make headlines and battle monsters that don't exist to show how fearless they are. Someone should investigate some of these investigators.

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